Searching for Sensitive Skin Makeup? Try Mineral Cosmetics.

With naturally sensitive skin, finding the right mineral makeup can be extremely difficult. After disappointing test runs with many sensitive skin beauty products claiming “natural” or “herbal” properties to prevent reactions and keep you feeling fresh and healthy, we can understand the desire to give up the search. Here at Alima Pure, we deeply believe in the idea that less is more. Products should be simple, clean, pure and feel good, no matter how often you use them. This is why our mineral makeup works well with sensitive skin—the fewer ingredients put into the product, the less likely it is to irritate the skin.

Though the first step to treating sensitive skin has a lot to do with the cleanser and moisturizer you use, the sensitive skin makeup you choose to cover up redness and blemishes is equally as important. Here are a few details as to why our mineral cosmetics are compatible for sensitive skin types.

Everyone should treat their skin as though it is sensitive, and Alima's pure makeup ingredients make that easy. Our cosmetic ingredients reveal a minimalist philosophy with a few solidly researched staples, such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Plus, everything is FDA and BDIH approved. Because we have no dyes, fragrances, preservatives, binders or synthetics (where many skin irritants live), you will hardly even notice that our makeup is there once you put it on!

Many mineral makeup brands use bismuth oxychloride (BOC) to provide shimmer and texture, but it can be a serious skin irritant, especially to those who are sensitive. Alima Pure uses minerals such as mica, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to create beautiful matte and shimmer finishes, and iron oxides and micas to create a stunning array of gorgeous shades. Overall, we only add what is completely necessary, eliminating opportunities for nasty irritants and only providing safe, comfortable and healthy ingredients. Additionally, our strong pigments give your face a flawless look.

Apart from our natural, simple recipe, the tools to apply our mineral makeup are as sensitive as can be. Many people react poorly to rough brushes, sponges and the act of buffing on makeup. To help with that, our brushes are extra soft, man-made, cruelty free and hypoallergenic. One of our most popular brushes, the #25 Foundation Brush, is a tightly-packed, slightly-domed brush with a full handle to create even coverage with just a few strokes. Made with high-quality taklon bristles, our makeup brushes also work great for those with animal allergies, allowing daily use with no irritation to the skin.

With a combination of healthy, simple ingredients and efficient, safe tools, Alima's products make shopping for natural cosmetics easy. We believe sensitive skin should not be a limitation for cosmetic fun, and we invite people of all ages and skin types to play.