Introducing: Natural Definition Brow Pencil

Get the look : Alima Pure natural definition eye brow pencil on model

Throughout history the eyebrows have been a prominent facial feature used to enhance and frame the face.  Enduring endless trends over the past century and long before, from pencil thin to meticulously sculpted, the natural brow has re-emerged. With our new Natural Definition Brow Pencil, you may easily define your natural shape with our three easy to match shades. The formula is smooth, blendable and long lasting. Whether you are looking to add subtle depth and definition, or rock a bold full brow, we have you covered!   

Alima Pure natural definition eye brow pencil light medium deep

Select the Natural Definition Brow Pencil in the shade that is the closest to your natural brow color. Choose a slightly lighter shade for a natural look or a bit deeper for a bolder look.

Use our Brow Brush and Comb to sweep your brows upward. 

Starting at the bottom of the brow line use feathery strokes with the pencil and blend upward to fill thin spots.

Gently brush through the brows to blend and smooth the application.

For extra impact, use the same technique and sweep in a similar shade of our Satin Matte Eyeshadow or Eyeliner back through the brows with the #33 Angle Liner Brush


Here we opted for this beautiful minimal look using a neutral palette to really highlight the brow.

Even your complexion with Pressed Foundation and the #25 Foundation Brush.

Add a subtle glow to your cheek using the #17 Blush Brush in a rosy hue like Satin Matte Blush in Pink, Antique Rose (shown) or Soft Plum.

Brush through your lashes with a few gentle sweeps of Natural Definition Mascara in Black.

Fill in your brows with Natural Definition Brow Pencil.

Finish this look by patting a touch of color onto your lips. Check out our Lip Tint in Rosewood and Velvet Lipstick in Lucy.