Ingredient Spotlight: Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide

Alima’s shimmering pinks, glittering violets, and luminous golden pigments are rich in color because we use high quality, cosmetic grade ingredients. Two ingredients that help our products attain their colors, that you may have seen, are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Together these ingredients feel light and silky, and give our products that lovely ‘creamy’ texture one doesn’t normally associate with powdered cosmetics. In addition zinc oxide is anti-microbial and can have wound-healing properties.

Both pigments are inorganic compounds that come from different minerals (zinc oxide originally comes from the mineral zincite and titanium dioxide is sourced from different oxide minerals called ilmenite, rutile and anatase).

The best part is that titanium dioxide and zinc oxide naturally protect against both UVA and UVB rays AND are physical sunblocks, which means they deflect the sun’s rays (like a mirror) instead of penetrating the skin, like a chemical sunscreen would do.

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