Oh we do so love the beautiful differences that make everyone so interesting to look at!

We’ve made products to complement them all.

From alabaster pale to deep ebony, we’ve blended more than 60 shades of pure mineral, toxin-free foundation to help women of all colors find just the right shade for their natural skin tone. 

We know you’ve been searching. We’ll help you find just the right one. Promise. Here’s how:

Step 1 - Choose your depth of color:

0 level shades appear almost white on the skin, and are suitable for people who seem to burn when they merely think about the sun. People this light are relatively rare, and have difficulty finding foundations light enough for their skin.

1 level shades are extremely fair, but with a bit of color. Level 1’s actually have to go into the sun to burn – for about 3 minutes. People with this coloring wear the lightest shade of foundation available from conventional brands.

2 level shades are basically lightest. If you wear the lightest (or next-to-lightest) shade in a conventional line, then level 2 may be perfect for you.

3 level shades would be considered ‘light to medium’ skin tones. You can take a little sun, carefully (though it’s better not to).

4 level shades are right there in the middle. You might not burn very easily, but it’s still possible.

5 level shades have caramel skin tones with any undertone.

6 level shades are right on the border of medium and deep. Even if you have a cooler skin tone, you probably tan easily.

7 level shades work well for those with bronze skin tones.

8 level shades are for those with dark brown skin tones.

9 level shades work for those with the deepest skin tones.

Step 2 – Choose your undertone:

Your undertone is the tint of your skin. It might help to think of this color as hiding beneath your skin's . Unless you're positive about your undertone, forget what others have told you and make your choice based on our video guide.

COOL: Your skin tends to be pinkish, and you burn rather than tan in the sun. If your skin is a bit deeper, your tan tends to be reddish rather than brown.

NEUTRAL: Your tone is peachy, without obvious yellow or pink tones. You either burn immediately or burn and then tan slightly.

BEIGE: Your coloring is beige-peach with a touch of yellow, and you may tan a bit.

WARM: You have noticeable peach-to-yellow undertones and tend to tan easily. If you are very light, you may still burn a bit at first. Your tan tends to be warm golden brown.

GOLDEN: You have a rich yellow skin tone, without a hint of pink or beige. You tend to tan easily, unless you are very light.

OLIVE: Your skin tone is beige without a hint of pink or yellow (like café au lait). You probably tan easily, even if you are light. (Our Olive shades tend to run a little deeper than our other foundation lines.)

Need a little extra help? Ask an artist. We love hearing from you.