Mineral Eyeliner and Eyeshadow Colors

There is nothing more beautiful to us than connecting with someone just by looking into their eyes, no need for words.

So we like paying special attention to these amazing “windows to the soul,” as the old proverb says.  

The most important thing to know about choosing eye colors is that there are no rules. Seriously. Believe it or not, regardless of your skin tone, we think you can wear just about any color and look fabulous. Being playful is a big part of the fun of mineral make-up.  

Still, there are some tried and true colors that do really bring out the beauty of certain eye colors. Remember the color wheel? Complementary colors (the ones across from each other on the color wheel) look gorgeous together, while similar colors are safe (but can be a bit dull).

Here's what to look for:

Blue eyes are complemented by orange tones - look for warm browns, camels, apricots, and golds.

Green eyes are complemented by red tones - look for pinky browns, plums, lilacs, and soft rosy colors (if they complement your skin tone).

Brown eyes are complemented by everything - blues, plums, greens, greys, and most vibrant colors look terrific.

Violet eyes (lucky you) are complemented by green - look for smoky greens, soft sage greens, and just about anything else that appeals.