Intensify your brown eyes...

Posted on September 21, 2010 by terresa | 2 Comments

Brown-eyed girls may not consider themselves especially lucky, but when it comes to selecting eyeshadows, they most certainly are. There are almost no shadow colors that brown eyes can't wear, and if you have brown eyes and feel that there is a color that looks really horrible on you, it probably has more to do with your skin-tone or even hair color than your actual eye color.

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Bringing out the green in your eyes

Posted on August 30, 2010 by terresa | 2 Comments

I've always been envious of people with naturally green eyes. Short of having Elizabeth Taylor's eye color, green would be my choice. I'm not lucky enough to be among the green-eyed but if you are, here are some shadows that will help make the most of your color.

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Four great shadow looks for blue eyes!

Posted on August 10, 2010 by terresa | 3 Comments

It seems as if suddenly, the makeup artist email is filled with people looking for eyeshadow recommendations.  Could it be that our shadow choices are a bit overwhelming?  Help has arrived, for those with blue eyes, at least.  (Other eye colors--your recommendations are coming, sit tight!)

Keep in mind that what looks good on one person with blue eyes won't look good on everyone with blue eyes; skin tone and hair color do contribute to the overall look.  But with that caveat, there are a few guidelines that lead to combinations that will work for most everyone with blue eyes.

1.  Use the color wheel as your guide.  Opposites enhance!  Have you seen two colors that, when placed next to each other seem to almost pulsate?  Those colors are true opposites.  Blue is opposite of orange on the color wheel, so orangey shades will work beautifully for most blue eyes.  If your eyes lean towards lavender-blue, then your shadow can lean towards yellow (gold).  If your eyes are blue-green, you should use oranges with more red.

How to wear it:

Highlight with Champagne or Silk Pearluster.

On the lid try Mohair Satin Matte, Toffee Pearluster or Brown Sugar Luminous Shimmer.

At the outer corner/crease use a bit of Martinique Luminous Shimmer.

Line with Paparazzi Luminous Shimmer Eyeliner or Espresso Satin Matte Eyeliner.

2.  Neutrals work for most everyone.  With blue eyes, your neutrals lean towards golds.

How to wear it:

Highlight with Buttercream Luminous Shimmer or Vanilla Satin Matte.

On the lid try Camel Pearluster, Cocoa Satin Matte or Leone Luminous Shimmer.

At the outer corner/crease use a bit of Pyrite Luminous Shimmer or Java Satin Matte.

Line with Paparazzi Luminous Shimmer Eyeliner or Espresso Satin Matte Eyeliner.

3.  If your hair is blonde or light brown; and/or your skin is light-to-medium depth, you can probably wear cool colors very well.

How to wear it:

Highlight with  Daphne Satin Matte or Lana Luminous Shimmer.

On the lid try Viola Pearluster or Danube Satin Matte.

At the outer corner/crease use a bit of Navy Luminous Shimmer or Lilac Satin Matte.

Line with Carnevale Luminous Shimmer Eyeliner or Nightengale Satin Matte Eyeliner.

4.  A classic smoky eye is gorgeous with blue eyes.  Use a light hand if you are not used to this look, but you can really glam it up with the darker shades if you dare!

How to wear it:

Highlight with Meringue Luminous Shimmer or White Satin Matte.

On the lid try Zen Pearluster.

At the outer corner/crease use a bit of Noir Luminous Shimmer Eyeliner.  (Use as shadow, not liner.)

Line with Black Satin Matte Eyeliner.

Above all, remember that makeup should be fun, and it is about expressing your personal style and creativity, not about doing what is "right" or "wrong."  If it looks good and makes you feel great, it can't be wrong! Invite some girl friends over and try out different looks on each other.  You're sure to find some new looks that enhance your natural beauty!

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Alima Pure’s Yoga Collection

Posted on January 13, 2010 by kate | 4 Comments

Alima Pure Yoga Collection
This time of year, many people give more thought to exercise and stress relief. Yoga is an obvious answer to both of those concerns, providing benefits to body and mind.  To honor the power of yoga, Alima Pure has created our new Yoga Collection to bring calm and balance to your cosmetics bag and morning routine.

These new shades could be called “almost matte” or “semi-shimmery.”  They are a unique blend of matte and shimmer.  In direct light, they look shimmery, on the skin they are matte until you turn your head just so and catch the light. Mesmerizing!

  • Asana is a light peach with a hint of golden shimmer.
  • Namaste is a warm rosy shade touched by bronze shimmer.
  • Mantra is a soft blue-green sparked with gold.
  • Vinyasa is a medium, neutral brown with sparse shimmer.

Although these four shades were created to be eyeshadows, you shouldn’t hesitate to try Namaste, or even Asana, on the cheeks.

Yoga Class Look:

  • Sweep Asana from lashes to brow, blend Vinyasa into the crease.
  • Draw a bit of Mantra along the lash-line
  • Add a touch of Namaste to the center of your lids and the apples of your cheeks.
  • Finish with Acai Lip Balm.

You’ll look polished, but not as if you were too concerned with your appearance!

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Alima Pure “Best of 2009” Gift with Purchase

Posted on November 30, 2009 by kate | 0 Comments

Alima Pure 2009 Favorites Sample Set

This delightful little package is filled with deluxe samples of nine of our favorite shadows from the Limited Edition collections we released this year.  (Okay, we admit it, we snuck in a couple from 2008, but they were too pretty to leave out!)  It’s yours with a $65 purchase, and makes a great stocking stuffer or a nice treat for yourself.  Limit one per customer, please.

The set contains:

Amazon – dusty brown shimmer, from the Rivers Collection.
Athena – peach shimmer, from the 2009 Goddess Collection.
Bette – deep, shimmering blue from the Silver Screen Collection.
Cupcake – light pink sparkle, from the La Dolce Vita Collection.
Eucalyptus – unique silvery-green shimmer from the Zen Garden Collection.
Nebula – slightly-warm silver shimmer from the Stargazing Collection.
Petit Four – shimmering beige with golden sparkle, also from La Dolce Vita.
Rue Cambon – a light, but bright, purple sparkle from the April in Paris Collection.
Teak – dark and sparkly brown from the Zen Garden.

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Warm up to fall with beautiful shadow looks

Posted on October 02, 2009 by terresa | 0 Comments

There must be a rainbow somewhere outside right now--it's raining, but the sun is glaringly bright off of the wet pavement. We're easing into the Portland rainy season. As the seasons change, maybe it's time to change up your eyeshadow routine just a bit--add a little drama to go with the sweaters and scarves.

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La Dolce Vita Eyeshadow Collection

Posted on January 19, 2009 by kate | 3 Comments

Alima Pure La Dolce Vita Eyeshadow Collection Valentine’s Day is definitely all about living “the sweet life.”  With that in mind, Alima Pure has created La Dolce Vita - four seasonal eyeshadow colors to bring a little extra sweetness to your look, all without one extra calorie or fat gram.

Cupcake is a sweet, shimmery pink, as light and frothy as it’s namesake.
Petit Four is a sparkling beige with sparks of gold, as irresistible as the little cakes of the same name.
Tiramisu is a much-loved shade making a return appearance.  If you were lucky enough to receive last year’s “Alima Signature Colors” stack of three shades, you have seen Tiramisu before.  A shimmery, light-to-medium brown, Tiramisu will surely be a go-to color for many.
Mousse is named for dark chocolate mousse; deep enough to satisfy but not so heavy as to overwhelm.  Our Mousse features a lovely golden shimmer.
As an added bonus, you will receive a deluxe sample of Meringue, a sparkling white.

La Dolce Vita “Sweet” look

Apply Cupcake from lashes to brow.  Sweep Tiramisu into the crease, blending well. Apply Petit Four under lower lashes, from the outer corner and stopping about 2/3 of the way in.  With a damp brush, line the upper lid with Mousse.
Use a matte pink blush like Pink or Raspberry on the apples of the cheek and apply a tiny bit of Cupcake shadow on the tops of cheekbones.
Finish with a pink balm like Acai or Rhubarb.

La Dolce Vita “Sultry” look

Apply Meringue from crease to brow, and Petit Four from lashes to crease.  Use Mousse as a liner on top and bottom lashes, smudging well.  Place Tiramisu directly above Mousse on the upper lid, blending it upwards toward the crease.  Add a bit of Mousse to the outer corner and crease, blending well.
Apply a soft, earthy blush like Carnation to apples of cheeks and blend back towards ear.
Use a deeper lip balm like Cranberry, and apply liberally, then gently blot to leave a soft stain.

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