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Zenabelle is one of Alima Pure's most recently added retailers.  Located in Bristol, Rhode Island, Zenabelle came into being when owner Deborah Ventrice found herself needing to make a career change based on her health.  Her desire to help others going through similar health issues navigate the confusing world of personal care items led to the creation of this bright, cheerful and very caring space.  If you are in the area, stop by and check out Zenabelle!

AP:  Can you tell us a little about your background and past experience?

DV:  I spent most of my career in design and construction but a recent illness that affected me neurologically really made it impossible for me to continue working on project sites and climbing around buildings.   I decided it was time to make a change and make the most of bad situation.

AP:  What inspired you to open your store?

DV:  I have struggled with extremely sensitive skin for my entire life.  Unable to use most mass manufactured products I began formulating my own products and discovered that it was time consuming and extremely expensive.  I started extensively researching different companies and found that there were many wonderful alternatives that existed but they were not readily available.  I came up with the idea of creating a shop and on-line store that offered not only wonderful natural products, but also assistance both in store and online for people who needed help selecting the right products.  I envisioned a place where beauty products were truthful, kind, honest and really worked.  I thought of the concept as “zenful beauty” and Zenabelle was born!

AP:  What other brands do you carry?

DV:  Dr Hauschka, Vapour Beauty, Tata Harper, Naturopathica, Yarok Haircare, Flourish Natural Body Care, Baby Bear Shop and about thirty other wonderful vendors, many of whom are small, and owned and run by women!

AP:  Why did you decide to carry Alima Pure?

DV:  I discovered Alima Pure a few years ago when I began this journey into finding safe, natural alternatives for beauty and personal care items.  I loved the fact that Alima Pure does not contain dangerous chemicals and is free of bismuth oxychloride. Finally I found a mineral makeup that did not cause a reaction to my skin.

AP:  What do people love about your store?

DV:  I think the things that people have raved about Zenabelle and is that they can come to our shop, or go online and feel that they will be treated with kindness and respect, that we have incredible product knowledge and that there are choices for all many different skin types with a wide range of prices. At we offer a Beauty Guide consult that allows customers to speak with us personally to help them select products.

AP:  How do you define beauty?

DV:  Beauty is a state of mind and is completely subjective.  Each and every one of us has true beauty and the best way to express that is by sharing kindness with others.  In this world of digital mania the human factor itself has become a rare and beautiful thing!

AP:  What are other little ‘don’t miss’ gems in your neighborhood?

DV:  Bristol, Rhode Island is the home of the oldest Fourth of July Parade – what fun!!!  An amazing, historic, little seaside town Bristol is home to great restaurants, shops, galleries and inns all nestled in a sweet, little village.  A wonderful place to visit. Newport Rhode is only about 30 minutes away and Bristol is a lot less crowded with many of the same wonderful attractions!

AP:  Anything else you’d like to share?

DV:  We are very proud of what we have created and this was also done to support our “Meaningful Makeovers” program that provides free makeovers for women going through breast cancer and stroke treatments.

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April 03, 2013

What a beautiful shop, wish I lived closer as I’d love to visit.

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