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Posted on July 19, 2011 by Alyson Hancock | 0 Comments

Do you think loose mineral foundation is messy? A lot of people think so, but if you take advantage of a few tips and tools, it needn't be any messier than a pressed product!

The key to keeping mess down is to work product into the bristles of your brush before you bring your brush to your face. With products like blush and eyeshadows, this can easily be accomplished by keeping the product in the jar, picking some up from the sifter-top and then using the lid to tap or swirl the brush in the lid to get the product from the tips of the brush to the bristles.  When it is worked up into the bristles, product doesn't fall off the brush, either onto your face or your counter-top.

But sometimes the jar lid isn't roomy enough to swirl or otherwise work product into the brush and in those cases, a small bowl can come in very handy.

Pictured clockwise above, from upper left are: a hand-made bowl (by a special beginning ceramics student) and three sauce dishes from import stores, including one made of bamboo.

To use a bowl, tap a bit of foundation directly into the dish and then pick up that small amount with your brush and tap or swirl the brush in the bowl to work that product into the bristles. Once it is all worked into the brush, bring the brush up to your face. If more foundation is needed, tap a bit more directly into the bowl.  The larger area and higher sides of the bowl will help keep your countertops clean.

The two smaller "bowls" in the picture above are chopstick holders.  These are perfect for mixing eyeliner or eyeshadow with water!  Use a small spatula or even your liner brush to scoop some of the shadow or liner into the bowl, then drip a few drops of water into the "bowl."  Mix them together, adding more shadow or water as needed to get your desired consistency.  Be sure to discard any product that remains after using your products wet.

If you've been bothered by messiness with your loose minerals, try a little bowl, we think you'll be pleased with the results!

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