Japan Earthquake Response

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Since the earliest days of Alima Pure we have had a special place in our hearts for Japan. The customer emails we receive are so charming--sweet and polite. We were so enchanted by our lovely Japanese clients that we named our Satin Finishing Powders as a tribute to Japanese women. In 2009, we partnered with a distributor in Japan, which has been pleasant and successful in every way.  And then earlier this year, Kate and I took a trip to Tokyo to meet with our distributor and tour the main retail chain for Alima Pure in Japan, Cosme Kitchen.  The trip was delightful, and we fell more in love with this amazing country.

As we watch, hear and read the news about this weekend's disaster in Japan, our hearts are heavy.  We're trying to find ways we can help, and for now, we have arrived at two ideas.  You may have noticed that we have an image (one of the ones that cycle through our home page) of the Half Moon Brush.  This fabulous little brush is one of the best-selling items in Japan, they really love it there.  So we have decided that for the rest of March, we will donate $10 from each $25 Half Moon Brush sale to Mercy Corps for their Japan Earthquake Response.  And because not everyone may need a Half Moon Brush, we have another way you can donate through Alima Pure.  For every order we receive over $50 (before shipping and after any discounts), we will donate $10 to the same Mercy Corps fund.    We will also offer free first class shipping on all $50 orders (US only).  We anticipate making a substantial donation from Alima Pure and our customers.

We are also continuing to look for ways to help, and so as the days pass and exact needs become more evident, we hope to find other ways we can help.  We're open to suggestions and would love to hear your ideas or what you have done to help the people of Japan.

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May 03, 2011

What a lovely and caring sentiment about helping Japan. I am touched. And it makes me want to make (more) purchases of your products as well. Very admirable of you and your company.


May 03, 2011

Thank you Jan.

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