How to Update Your Foundation Shade for Winter

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In Portland, it has been quite a while since the sun has shone with any sort of real force. Consequently, many of us around the office are starting to notice that our foundation shade is looking just a little dark. For some, that means it looks more orange than usual, and for others, it is just creating a “muddy” look. Fortunately, when this happens, we know what to do…we drop down a shade! If you are noticing this same situation, maybe it is time to rethink your foundation shade for winter.

To drop down a shade in Alima Pure’s Satin Matte Foundation, stay with your usual color family (Cool, Neutral, Olive, Beige, Warm or Golden) and just go with the next lower number. In some cases, this will be a .5 number. For instance, if you wear Neutral 4, you probably don’t need to go all the way down to Neutral 3, but instead can use Neutral 3.5. However, if you aren’t sure how low to go, it never hurts to try a couple of foundation samples before ordering the full size.

It’s also possible that individuals who tan very golden-yellow find that they are happier with a less yellow shade when they are pale. If this sounds like you, and you currently wear a Golden shade, you may want to try a sample or two in the Warm family. If you currently wear a Warm shade, you may find that you are happier with a Beige when you are at your most pale. Again, trying a few targeted samples will help you end up with the best possible match.

But what if you have never tried our foundation, or never quite found your best match? Now is the perfect time to use our Foundation Selector! This handy tool will recommend a set of samples that are likely to contain your match. Here are a couple of little tips to be sure that you get an accurate result. First, remember that when you are answering the question about how light or dark your skin is, you are comparing yourself to the entire human race, not just the people in your family or circle of friends.

Foundation Shade Match Light to Dark Alima Pure

Second, when you come to the question about undertones, be sure to watch our short, but helpful video. It is important to overlook any surface color, and look for the tone that seems to come from just under the surface of the skin. It is best to rely on your own judgment, rather than going with what people have told you in the past. In our experience, if you go with your instinct, look at an area of the face that doesn’t get a lot of exposure, and ignore surface colors, you have a very good chance of getting it right. But just to be sure, most of the Sample Kits include at least two different undertone categories, so you’re covered in the case of slight variations.

And finally, just a tiny word to the wise. Now is a great time to try samples of our foundation. Perhaps don’t rush in to a full size just yet…

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