Mineral Makeup FAQS

Alima Pure mineral cosmetics are:

Virtually free of allergens and sensitizers
Completely free of bismuth oxychloride 
Naturally anti-bacterial
Non-comedogenic - will not clog pores
Highly pigmented - a little goes a long way

Are mineral cosmetics natural?

All ingredients used in our formulations are created from natural minerals and mineral pigments that are carefully refined in laboratories to very specific standards set by the FDA and the European Cosmetic Directive. Our titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are pure untreated minerals. We always choose the very purest ingredients available for our products.

Is mineral makeup organic?
Actually it's inorganic - mineral-based vs. plant or animal-based. What this means is that our pure mineral makeup doesn't require preservatives or pesticides. It's also naturally chemical free.

Do your products contain nano-particles?
Absolutely not. 

Do mineral cosmetics work for all skin types?
Yes. If you are prone to breaking out, have sensitive skin, chemical sensitivities or even Cosmetic Intolerance Syndrome (CIS), the gentle minerals in our cosmetics are likely to be beneficial. In addition, minerals form a protective barrier on the surface of the skin rather than cross the dermal barrier as some liquid cosmetics do. Mineral makeup works well for both oily and dry skin, so your skin can breath. Many of our customers with rosacea tell us that their skin condition improves when they use our mineral foundation. And if you have sensitive skin rest assured - Alima Pure mineral makeup is also bismuth oxychloride (BOC) free.

How long will a jar of mineral foundation last?
You can expect your jar of mineral foundation to last 4-6 months.

Can I mix my mineral powders?
Yes. One of the delights of mineral cosmetics is their versatility. You can customize your colors by simply combining them. Tweak a foundation by adding a little bit of another shade and customize your eye colors as desired. The possibilities are endless! This is a great way to play with your extra samples as well.

Does Alima Pure mineral foundation contain sunscreen?
Two of the primary ingredients in Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation are natural, physical sun blocks. It has been our experience (and many customers have shared this as well) that Satin Matte Foundation provides enough coverage for incidental sun exposure. If you will be getting a lot of sun, we recommend sunscreen. Even when makeup contains SPF very few women apply makeup thickly enough to go without sunscreen.

Some mineral cosmetics cause my skin to itch - will yours?
Sensitivity to Bismuth Oxychloride can cause itching, but it isn't as common as you might think. The actual culprit is more likely to be your brushes. Check first to see if are you using an animal hair brush. This is the most common problem. You may have used them all of your life, but until you use them to apply a mineral foundation the contact with your face is quite limited. With mineral foundation, the bristles are in contact with the skin longer - especially if you "buff" the foundation into your skin (which is not necessary with Alima Pure). You are quite likely sensitive to the animal hair bristles. Our brushes are synthetic and very gentle -  they work well with our products. 

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