How to Apply Mineral Foundation 

You’ve found your perfect shade. Here’s how to achieve exactly the coverage you’re looking for. 

  1. Apply your mineral foundation with a good soft brush, we love the Foundation Brush. Tap your mineral foundation the lid of your foundation jar, and swirl your brush in the powder.
  2. Brush the foundation lightly onto the skin, starting from the center and moving out.
  3. Apply sheer layers until you've reached your desired level of coverage. 

Tip: Start with less than you think you will need - several light applications allow for custom buildable coverage.

Try these tips for perfect Mineral Foundation application:

•Dark spots, sallowness or redness? A sheer layer of Color Balancing Powder under your foundation enhances and brightens your complexion while minimizing discoloration and redness.

•Oily skin? Applying Balancing Primer Powder under your foundation to helps absorb the oil. This gentle powder isn't over-drying, and will help your foundation last all day.

•Dry skin? You can create your own tinted moisturizer by mixing a bit of mineral foundation powder with your skin cream. For best results, and truly custom coverage, just mix what you need for one application.

•Does your foundation look a little chalky? Applying sheer layers is the best way to ensure a natural finish.

•Looking for more coverage? Your foundation also makes an excellent concealer when applied with the Concealer Brush.

Questions? Ask a Makeup Artist. Every question is a good one.

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