How to Use Mineral Blush

We love the way pure mineral makeup helps bring your inner beauty to the surface, and perhaps nothing brightens the face better than the warm glow of blush.

Whether you choose Satin Matte Blush or a little reflection from our Luminous Shimmer Blush, the great news is you don’t need much because our blushes are so richly pigmented. Here are a few quick tips for easy application.

  1. Pick up a bit of blush with a soft brush (we like the Blush Brush), and swirl in the lid of your blush jar to evenly distribute the powder. Give it a little tap. You should see only a bit of powder on the bristles of the brush.
  2. Apply your blush in a gentle arc from the apples of your cheeks (smile and you can't miss them) outward and slightly up. It is best not to bring the color all the way to your hairline. Blend outward and slightly down for a natural effect.

Quick Tip:  Start with a light layer - you can always add more.


•Pick a color that gives your skin a healthy glow and looks like your own natural flush. Warmer complexions will want a peachier shade; cooler skin tones may need a pinker base.

•Your face will look fuller with blush concentrated on the apples of your cheeks (carefully avoiding a clown look, of course). Conversely, your face will look narrower with blush angled out toward your temples (blend well at outer edges and slightly down to avoid a horizontal stripe).

•Stronger lip color calls for more muted blushes, while more pronounced blush is better with subtle lip color.

•Paler skin tones are best with a paler Alima blush, and deeper skin tones with a more pronounced color.

•Coordinate your blush to your lip color - pink or red lips with pink blush, coral lips with apricot or peach blush, rose lips with rose cheeks and bronze lips with bronze cheeks.

•If you find you have applied too much blush, or if you'd like a touch less shimmer, sweep a little of our finishing powder or mineral foundation over the top to tone it down.

•Create a gorgeous gel blush by mixing a bit of your favorite Alima blush with a dab of aloe vera gel, or try using moisturizer for a cream blush.

Questions? Ask an Artist. Every question is a good one.


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