Team AP Picks: Top 10 Moments from Gilmore Girls

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Between leftovers and hanging out with our new Lip Tint friends, Dahlia and Daisy (get them both, plus Pressed Eyeshadow in Instinct with orders of $75 or more all weekend) we're definitely looking forward to a little downtime over the long weekend--aka the Netflix reboot of the 00's mother-daughter classic: Gilmore girls. 

In honor of this most special of occasions, Team Alima Pure shares a countdown of our favorite moments from Gilmore girls—major, minor and purely Kirkish.

10. When Kirk stars in the Stars Hollow Elementary School production of Fiddler on the Roof. While it was indeed strange that his Tevye was singing “Do You Love Me?” to a third grade Golda, it has to be one of the best Kirk moments. (Sadly, his mother was not there, she was in Florida.) Of course, Luke and Lorelai’s backstage, totally heartbreaking, non-conversation was so good too.

9. When Paris has a Stage 5 Melt Down on C-Span over the “small envelope” (aka, not getting into Harvard). Rory, on the other hand, comes home to a stack of the big envelopes, and it’s a mother-daughter victory for the ages.

8. When Luke pushed Jess into the lake. Totally underrated physical comedy.

7. Stars Hollow had some crazy, flawlessly wacky events: and the bike race where everyone crashes in front of Luke's, the non-battle battle re-enactment, and the Festival of Living Art are all honorable mentions. The 24-Hour Dance Marathon—aka Kirk taking a victory lap to the theme from Rocky at the end, and the heartbreaking pinnacle of the Rory-Dean-Jess triangle—takes the cake.

6. When Lorelai and Rory reunite after the whole boat-stealing, toad-scorpion, Birken Bag fiasco. Because that half of a season had us on edge, people! 

5. When Emily demands to “go first” while Richard is in the hospital and trying to tell her where the all the important documents are. Richard, very calmly, says, “Yes, Emily, you may go first.”

4. Lorelai invites Dean over to watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and eat the classic Gilmore movie night junk food spread. While Rory is pretending to wash her face in the bathroom, Lorelai gives him the shovel talk to let him know the whole town is keeping an eye on their beloved Rory. Stars Hollow loves its Gilmore girls.

3. While Christopher's girlfriend Sherry is in labor with Gigi, we’re treated to all kinds of flashbacks to sixteen-year-old Lorelai’s pregnancy and labor with Rory. The portrait of Emily, Richard, and young Lorelai that hangs in the Gilmore’s living room takes on so much more meaning.

2. Luke tells Lorelai he’s “all in” on their first official date... and about the horoscope he’d been carrying around in his wallet for 8 years: “You will meet an annoying woman today. Give her coffee and she’ll go away.”

1. Rory’s valedictorian speech from Chilton—all of the feels, all of them. When she and Lorelai wander through a dark, empty Chilton after the ceremony, they admit it’s not so scary anymore. Again, with the feels.


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