Summer Playlist

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Whether driving along the coast, sharing an evening in the backyard with friends, or having a good ol’ fashion sing-along (hairbrush optional) – this playlist has it all. From mellow instrumental to hazy tunes to the classic engrained songs we somehow all know the words to, we curated a list of our favorite songs for summer.

Summer Jams Playlist from Alima Pure



1. FKA Twigs – Two Weeks
2. The Ronettes – Be My Baby
3. Brian Eno – The Big Ship
4. Aaliyah – Back and Forth
5. Mac DeMarco – Goodbye Weekend
6. Belle and Sebastian – Get Me Away from Here I am Dying
7. Beach Boys – Good Vibrations
8. Beach House – Myth
9. Grimes – Go
10. The Ramones – Rockaway Beach
11. Tamaryn – Love Fade


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Perfect Pairings: Foundation Power Couple

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This week, put your best face forward with 20% off our award-winning Satin Matte Foundation as well as our bestselling foundation brushes, the #15 and #25. Match made in heaven, you say? Well, we designed it that way!

Perfect Pairing

#15 Flat Top Brush: The perfect brush for those seeking fuller coverage, the soft bristles of our #15 brush are densely packed and cropped flat across the top, making it ideal for delivering a heavier application. (It’s versatile, too. Color Balancing Powder wearers, this brush is for you!)

#25 Foundation Brush: Our classic foundation brush has soft, dense bristles to allow for natural coverage and sheer application of our mineral foundation. The slightly domed shape of the brush, paired with the finest, high-quality bristles, distributes powder evenly for a smooth, natural finish.

Soft, cruelty-free, and easy to use: simply pick up a small amount of foundation on your brush and tap into the lid of your jar, a small dish, or the palm of your hand to evenly work the powder into the bristles. Using downward strokes, lightly apply the foundation to the skin, adding more layers as needed for desired coverage.

These brushes and our foundation go hand in hand, and with 20% off there’s no better time to introduce one to the other for the ultimate makeup power couple.

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Six Simple Steps for Healthy Summer Skin

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Limiting sun exposure is difficult to do in the summer, especially with all of the activities that accompany the season. Regardless if you are a hiker, a BBQer, a beach goer (or all three), combat sun damage and restore your skin with these simple steps to ensure your best skin this summer.

Healthy Summer Skin

Protect! This goes without saying, but sunscreen is vital to the skin any time of year, and especially in these months when the sun is the harshest. Even in those moments you don’t think to apply, like when out running errands, be sure to lather on a protective layer

Hydrate! Number one rule: drink water! In these hot summer days, you lose water faster than usual and with water making up over half of your body weight, it’s important to replenish before you become dehydrated.

Cleanse! Exfoliating one to three times a week will help polish your skin and remove dead cells to brighten your complexion. Combine with daily cleansing followed by moisturizing to help maintain your natural summer radiance. For deeper cleansing and added skin hydration, use a mask once a week. We love Tata Harper’s Deep Hydration Mask, but often a DIY mask does just the trick!

Soothe! Did you know your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on it? Nourish and heal your skin with a natural moisturizer, or with one of our personal favorite after-sun remedies, coconut oil. The ultimate skin soother? Coconut oil mixed with Aloe Vera. You can practically hear your skin sigh upon application.

Exercise! Exercise increases circulation which helps to improve the appearance and health of your skin. Escape the heat to an air conditioned classroom or take your workout outside (wearing sunscreen, of course) and work up a sweat to benefit from one of the many advantages of exercising.

Sleep! Those precious evening hours are when your body repairs and restores itself the most. Take advantage!

And don’t forget to load up on antioxidants!

Go on! Grab your sunscreen, water bottle, and friends and make the most of your summer, safely.

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DIY Tinted Moisturizer

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If you prefer a more sheer coverage while still wishing to enhance your natural skin tone, a tinted moisturizer is just the trick. It’s easy with this quick and simple DIY recipe. You will simplify your morning routine while hydrating and protecting your skin, and end up with a lovely, subtle glow.

The best part? You only need two ingredients: your Satin Matte Foundation and your favorite moisturizer.

DIY Tinted Moisturizer
Start by choosing a moisturizer that is formulated for your skin type – normal, oily, dry, or combination.

1.    Blend a bit of your Satin Matte Foundation into a few drops of your moisturizer. Start with a small amount so you can perfect the color as you build as needed.

2.    Continue to blend until you have your desired shade. Keep in mind, if you add more moisturizer, you will lighten the coverage. Adding more powder will allow the now tinted moisturizer to be more pigmented and heavier for fuller coverage.

3.    Using the #25 Foundation Brush, apply in light strokes all over the face and neck for a natural, dewy complexion; or simply apply as you would a moisturizer.

This easy DIY is also great with sunscreen for a tinted sunscreen with added protection!

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The Semi-Annual Foundation Sale is ON!

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It’s that joyous time of year again! We have a lot to celebrate, and twice a year we do just that by offering 20% off our Satin Matte Foundation.


Satin Matte Foundation Sale

Minimal ingredients for maximum impact. Our Satin Matte Foundation is made from only four hypoallergenic ingredients, and two of those ingredients are natural physical sun blocks. Our extensive range of shades means practically everyone can find their perfect match for smooth, even skintone and an enhanced complexion while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Safely.

Searching for your best match? Look no further. We’ve got you covered. Our guide makes it easy!

With our skin changing as the seasons do, you will want a shade to match your current summer skin and a lighter shade for those winter days, so what are you waiting for?! Now’s the time to stock up.

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Satin Matte Foundation: Find Your Match

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With Alima’s extensive Satin Matte Foundation range, it can seem difficult to pinpoint your perfect foundation match. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – literally.

Whether you are new to our line or your skin tone is changing along with the seasons, the right or wrong foundation can be an absolute game changer.

There are two key players in the quest for a flawless match: depth and undertone. Find both and you have your Holy Grail. Here’s how:

Let’s break the depth of your skin tone up into three categories: light, medium, and deep. If you have a fair complexion and burn easily, you are more than likely a 1, 2, or 3 in our range. If you have a medium skin tone and tan easily, you are probably somewhere between a 4 and a 6. For those who have a deeper or more bronze skin tone, your match will likely fall in the 7 to 9 range.

Moving on. Undertone! Let’s look at the wrists for this one. If your veins appear blue, you probably have a cool undertone. If your veins appear blue and green, your undertone is likely neutral, beige, or olive. If they appear green, you’re likely to have a warm undertone.

(Bonus undertone clues: Cool undertones look best in pink and blue toned colors, like fuchsia, navy, cool grey, jewel tones, and white. If you look better in cream and earth tones such as shades of green, brown, orange, yellow, and brick red then you have a warm undertone. If you can wear a selection of both then you are likely to have a neutral undertone.)

Combine these two and your options have been narrowed quite significantly!

Now for the final step. To determine your perfect match, swatch different shade options on your cheek down to your jawline, observing in natural light whether a shade is too dark or too light, or too yellow or too pink.

When a shade vanishes smoothly into your skin, you’ve found your match!

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Travel Destinations

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One of the great things about working at our office is the camaraderie among coworkers. We are always sharing articles and recipes and showing each other ridiculous videos on YouTube or pictures from our weekend. Now that summer is upon us, you’ll often find us excitedly discussing our weekend explorations and upcoming vacation destinations, which is always accompanied by suggested needs for our adventures. Today, we thought we would take the conversation outside of the office and extend our must-haves to you all.

Travel Essentials from Alima Pure

Hannah is taking off to Los Angeles next month and staying with friends in Santa Monica. Since a trip to LA is not complete without a hike in Griffith Park, she will be bringing breathable Nike attire for an active afternoon in the hot summer heat. (She definitely won’t be forgetting her water bottle for this one.) Comfortable flats are a necessity as she likes to walk everywhere, and where better to wander than the Santa Monica pier? Of course Weleda Skin Food and one of our nourishing Lip Tints goes everywhere with her, as well as her staple Rayban Wayfarers.

A ladies’ vacation is taking Sarah to Sayulita and the only time she plans on not being in the ocean is when she’s sleeping and eating – but that means she’ll be layering on Alba Revitalizing Green Tea Sunscreen and their After-Sun Lotion and replenishing her locks with John Masters Organics Lavender and Avocado Intensive Conditioner to avoid any damage from the intense rays.

A different and closer coast, but equally as relaxing and enjoying, is where you’ll find Candice on the San Juan Islands in Washington. Packed in her Everlane Casual Petra bag, you’ll find the perfect beach blanket and a captivating summer read, a beach dream team. (Might we recommend Everything I Never Told You?)

Urmila is off to both coasts, finding herself in Los Angeles and New York City and her ultimate summer travel must have? A fresh manicure and pedicure.

Tell us, where is YOUR summer taking you? And what are you taking along with you?

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