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Link Love: Earth Day Edition

Munra Point Blog
Earth Day Ideas

Looking to get involved?’s campaigns include reforestation projects, green cities, green schools, and other ways of addressing climate change. Learn more here about how you can contribute with your time, resources, and voice.


We’re loving @theglasspassage’s Instagram feed! Next time you have amazingly beautiful travel photos to share, tag #theglasspassage and you just might get featured. It’s a rabbit hole of beautiful images you didn’t know you needed.

Team AP News

Read about Team Alima Pure’s adventures in forest conservation here. Invasive species meet their match in our marketing team!

Why Is This a Thing?

The awkward celebrity/animal photoshoot trope has puzzled us for decades. ManRepeller’s Harling Ross shares a few theories, and a new Instagram feed: @AListAnimalPlanet. The central question: why is this still a thing!? Clearly, both the celebrities and animals are very uncomfortable, and the whole thing makes no sense. It should stop.

Worth Watching

HBO’s Vice News Tonight is dedicating much of its fifth season to exploring the quantifiable costs of climate change. If you haven’t seen any of it yet, we recommend its feature on Plastic Oceans, so you can see some of the incredible technology being developed to clean up some of the plastic garbage patches throughout the world’s oceans. Learn more about The Ocean Cleanup here.

More Together

If you’re reading this, there’s a decent chance you already know that Alima Pure has supported 1% For The Planet since our first year in business. You might not know that 1% For The Planet is now doing individual annual memberships--i.e. you can personally dedicate 1% of your salary or net worth to support environmental organizations. What we love about 1%FTP is that it brings together so many local efforts that we here in Portland might not have heard about, because they’re happening in some other locality. Our efforts here in Portland, though, are supported by individuals and businesses from all over the world. It’s a great way to “do more together than you can alone,” and we’re proud to be a part of it.

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