Introducing Destinations Travel Set and Savannah Lip Tint

For a makeup artist and certified makeup junkie, figuring out the exact number of makeup products to take when traveling is always sort of therapeutic.  Depending on the length of the trip and the activities planned, as well as how light I need to pack, I can spend hours choosing just the right makeup to bring along.

Using that enthusiasm (or perhaps you would call it obsession) for selecting travel makeup products, I was thrilled to come up with a perfect travel set from our Destinations Collection and regular mineral makeup line.  All you would need to add are your Satin Matte Foundation, #25 Foundation Brush and maybe a brow color and brush.

Our Destinations Travel Collection comes in a beautiful new brown Alima Pure signature makeup bag.  This one is similar to, but larger than, our previous cosmetic bags.  It has enough space to hold everything you need for a weekend or even a week in a “low-makeup” environment. Inside, you will find three of our newest products along with two brushes and an eyeshadow.

First, there is the new Face Radiance Powder in Sedona.  This beautiful, light bronze shimmer is perfect for all over the face or just applying a hint of color to the cheeks.  When you are traveling light, it also does double duty as an eyeshadow!

Second, you will find our new Lip Tint (mmmm, chocolate!) in the just-launched, limited edition shade Savannah, which is a coppery shimmer just perfect for the season. If you haven’t tried the new Lip Tints yet, you and your lips are in for a treat!

And rounding out the new products is our recently launched Natural Definition Mascara in Black.  This set offers great opportunity to try the mascara…it has been getting rave customer reviews!

In addition to the bag and three new products you’ll also receive three of our most popular favorites.  To apply your products, we have tucked in our #7 Half Moon Brush and #39 Shadow BrushJava Satin Matte Eyeshadow is the perfect finishing touch, to line and contour the eyes, and possibly even fill in the brows!

If purchased individually, the retail price of the collection would be $122.50, but through this holiday season, the entire set is priced at just $75.  It makes a great gift for someone who loves to travel.

How to Wear Destinations Travel Collection:

1. Start by applying your foundation with your #25 Foundation Brush.  If you are lucky enough to have eyebrows that are dark brown, fill in your brows with Java Satin Matte Eyeshadow and the #33 Angle Liner Brush.  If your brows are a different color, use the appropriate shade of Satin Matte Eyeshadow with your #33 Brush.

Destinations Travel Sedona Face Powder Alima Pure2. Using your #7 Half Moon Brush, lightly sweep Sedona into the hollows of the cheeks and across the forehead.  Then dip again and apply a slightly heavier application to the apples of the cheeks.





Destinations Travel Sedona Eyeshadow Alima Pure

3. Use the #39 Large Shadow Brush to sweep Sedona onto the eyelids, blending it slightly past the crease.  Then, turning the brush sideways, use the narrow side of the brush to apply Java into the crease, and blend well.  Using the brush you used to fill in your brows, line the upper lid with Java.




Destinations Travel Natural Mascara Alima Pure

4. Apply Natural Definition Mascara in Black.






Destinations Travel Savannah Lip Tint Alima Pure

5. Swipe on some Lip Tint in Savannah, and you are ready to travel the world!



Alyson Hancock
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