Introducing Alima Pure Makeup Brush Collections for Holiday 2013

Looking for a holiday gift idea that can be enjoyed by a woman of any age, but doesn’t require knowing her size or favorite color? Want something that will last and serve as a reminder of your thoughtfulness for years to come? We’ve got you covered! Alima Pure Makeup Brush Collections fit the bill perfectly, and we know of no cosmetics-wearing woman who doesn’t love to receive new makeup brushes!

Classic Brush Collection | Alima PureBack by popular demand, The Classic Brush Collection is always a hit.  It includes every brush needed to apply full makeup like a professional makeup artist. The set features two must-have face brushes: the #25 Brush is  ideal for applying mineral foundation and the #17 Brush is perfect for mineral blush or mineral bronzer. For the eyes, you’ll find the #33 Brush to apply mineral eyeliner or fill in brows; the #37 Brush for blending eye colors; and the multi-purpose #39 Brush, the handiest shadow brush of all!  With a retail value of $102, the $70 set is a terrific deal.

Artist Brush Collection | Alima Pure

New this year, The Artist Brush Collection features three brushes that can be put to a myriad of uses. The #23 Kitten Brush applies any face product for which you desire sheer coverage: foundation, finishing powder, blush, bronzer…you name it! The #15 Brush is the counter-point to the #23. This Flat-Top Foundation Brush applies heavier coverage of any face product and is especially great for foundation, Color Balancing Powder or Balancing Primer Powder. Rounding out the set, the #35 Eye Detail Brush was created for smudging on eye color, but it can also be used as a small concealer brush, brow-fill brush or even a lip brush. These brushes cost $65 if purchased individually, but through the holidays the set is just $40.

If you are new to Alima Pure makeup brushes, you are definitely in for a treat. The soft, synthetic bristles are 100% Cruelty Free and perfect for sensitive skin. While animal hair brushes can cause itching and harbor bacteria, our Taklon bristles are smooth, with none of the microscopic surface irregularities of natural hair that can give bacteria a place to hide and grow.

Given proper care and cleaning, quality cosmetic brushes are extremely durable. Be sure to pass  along the included Brush Care card when you wrap your gift so you can be sure that the recipient will enjoy her brushes for many years to come!

Alyson Hancock
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