Alima Pure Best Sellers: Fan Favorites for Fall 2013

You know the saying, “Great minds think alike”? At Alima Pure, we wholeheartedly agree! While we’re thrilled to introduce new arrivals (i.e. Natural Definition Mascara and Lip Tint); and makeup collections (Destinations: Face and Destinations: Eyes) to our customers over the past few weeks, we’re equally excited to see some of our most beloved products remain best sellers in our store over time.

Here’s a list of the Top-5 mineral makeup products flying off our shelves this season, with recent product reviews and testimonials from our fans:

  1. Satin Matte Foundation - Mineral Foundation | Pure Alima BlogSatin Matte Foundation: “It goes on easily, looks natural and doesn’t feel heavy on my skin. Plus, I get compliments from other women asking me about it! What’s not to love about that?” – Nancee R.



  1. Satin Matte Blush - Mineral Blush | Pure Alima BlogSatin Matte Blush: “My favorite thing about this blush is the staying power. I’m not use to having a blush that doesn’t need to be touched up in the middle of the day. Mimosa shows up as just a whisper of color on my Warm 3-4 skin, which is a good thing because it looks 100% natural.” – Katie W.



  1. Mineral Concealer | Pure Alima BlogConcealer: “I always put on my concealer after applying foundation—a little bit goes such a long way! It’s awesome because it doesn’t clog your pores up or get oily. Definitely worth it!” - Alyssa S.



  1. Satin Mineral Finishing Powder - Mineral Powder | Pure Alima BlogSatin Finishing Powder: “The satin finishing powder is wonderful, it is light and silky on my skin. I have tried other brands of mineral finishing powder that looks like it is just sitting on top of your skin. This one blends and looks as if you have nothing on.” – Vanessa C.



  1. Luminous Shimmer Blush - Mineral Blush | Pure Alima BlogLuminous Shimmer Blush: “I ordered my blush in Sahara and I love it! It doesn’t make me break out and it also works as a bronzer on my cheeks since it has some gold flecks in it! In love with this color!” – Siena N.



We love reading all the wonderful reviews, so keep them coming! Feel free to drop us a note in the comments below to share your thoughts or write a new review directly on any product page.

Have you picked up any of these goodies for your makeup bag recently? What else would you add to your list?

Clarissa Fong
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