Get The Look: Bronzed Glow Starring Our Mineral Bronzer

Summer has arrived in Portland, Oregon!  While we know we'll still get a little rain, the return of warm weather has us overjoyed and searching our closets for summer clothes. What better to pair with your favorite sundress than a little healthy glow? We've got you covered! Here are some of our favorite tips on how to get glowing.

Alima Pure Bronzer to the rescue! Just dip your #23 Kitten Brush into the Bronzer that is best for your complexion, and you can go from pale to bronzed in an instant.

Choose your shade:

Alima Pure makes five shades of mineral Bronzer; three are beautifully matte and two have a subtle glowing shimmer.

Maracaibo is the lightest matte shade, perfect for anyone who usually avoids Bronzer because they are just too fair for it.  Maracaibo is lovely on those with a complexion that resembles Nicole Kidman or Carey Mulligan.

Mauna Loa is the medium matte shade, and what most brands would consider a light bronze.  Perfect if your complexion is somewhere between Emma Watson and Courtney Cox.

Trinidad, the deepest matte Bronzer, is stunning on those who fall somewhere between Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé in complexion.  It also makes a gorgeous contour shade if you’re wearing Mauna Loa!

Belize is the lighter shade with just the right amount of shimmer, perfect for Emma Watson and paler.

Seychelles is the deeper shade subtly flecked with gold shimmer, ideal for Jennifer Lopez and deeper.

The #23 Kitten Brush is our go-to brush for applying mineral bronzer. The fine white bristles pick up less product than a traditional brush, while the full, black bristles work to blend the bronzer.  This keeps your bronzer looking natural and never over-done.

How to apply:

  • Pick up a little bronzer, and tap to work it into the bristles.
  • Begin at the apples of the cheeks, and apply along the cheekbones, up and back towards the hairline.
  • Then without picking up more product, curve downwards along the jawline, and then back up across the forehead.  This “3” or “backwards E” shape gives the most natural look.
  • Repeat on the other side of the face, and then
  • Apply a touch of color down the bridge of the nose and on the chin.
  • If contour is desired, apply a touch of a darker bronzer in the hollow of the cheeks and blend well.

It's just that easy!

Alyson Hancock
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