Oh, Deer! Fun Makeup Tutorial for Kids

Recently, we were contacted by Portland-area photographer Diana Sell with an interesting question.  She wanted to do a photo shoot for her son's Kindergarten class as an auction project, and needed a little help with the makeup.  Now, normally we aren't fans of kindergarteners wearing makeup, but Diana had found an on-line tutorial on how to do deer makeup.  Since her son attends Deer Creek school, it seemed like a natural!  But the tutorial showed all sorts of makeup that didn't seem like the best things to put on the sensitive skin of young children, so Diana reached out for a little advice.

We invited her in to have a trial and error session, and the results were fantastic!  Diana left with step-by-step instructions and the products to create perfect little fawns.  Then came the fun part, for Diana and her helpers...they had just a couple of hours to make up and photograph 25 deer--but as you can see, the results are worth the effort.

Interested in doing your own deer makeup?  Here's what Diana used:

Apply Satin Matte Foundation that is darker than the skin with a #15 Flat Top Foundation Brush.  Diana used Neutral 7 on her subjects.  Apply only to the top of the face, from the forehead down to the cheeks, and avoid the eye area.

Using Satin Matte Eyeshadow in White and a #3 Concealer Brush, load up the brush with White, and then spritz the bristles so your shadow is dampened.  Apply this over the entire eye area, from brows to about 1/2" below the eyes.  Round out the shape so that it is oval-like, and then add a small "v" towards the tip of your nose.  (The shape will resemble a cartoon speech bubble.)

Use a dark brown like Satin Matte Eyeshadow in Java with either the #31 or #33 Brush to fill in your brows, but carry the color past your brows and around the white and down the sides of the nose.  On the outer part of the face, extend past your brows, following the edge of the white.  Adults may want to apply some outrageous false eyelashes at this point!

Using a damp brush, apply Black Satin Matte Eyeliner to the tip and underside of the nose.  With a damp #36 Crease Brush, trace a line of White shadow just above the black, and then put a few random dots of white across the tops of cheeks (and maybe a few on the forehead).  Add some dark gloves and antlers, and voila, you're a deer!

Fair warning: we thought this was so cute that we are promising step-by-step photos before Halloween.

Benjamin Crudo
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