Makeup on the Go: The Essentials

As someone who is constantly running from one place to the other, often switching shoes at stoplights and blindly applying lipstick just hoping for the best, I’ve come to really appreciate the immediacy and versatility of beauty products.  So how do I convincingly arrive at work looking well put together (and not like I just hopped off my stationary bike at spin class with just a few minutes to spare)? Easy! It’s makeup on the go. These four products are all I need.

Our Satin Matte Foundation is great for all over coverage, and also wonderful when you simply need a spot treatment for only certain areas of your skin. With a swift, smooth application, you can combat any discoloration or flatness and present a smooth, flawless complexion.

Our Lip Tints not only provide the perfect boost of color for your lips, they also help to enhance the cheeks in a pinch! Simply dot onto the apples of your cheeks and then blend out and up with your fingers along the cheekbone for a natural looking flush. The best two-in-one combination!

The ultimate trick to brightening your look is no secret, but it works magic all the same… Mascara. One or two coats to your lashes is almost as awakening to your appearance as a few espressos.

Final touch? Separate and define your lashes with the comb part of our Brow Brush + Comb, and then smooth and groom your brows with the brush side.

Easily achieved, effortlessly polished. Getting ready on the go has never been easier.

Alima Pure
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