How to Contour like a Pro in Just Three Steps

First things first: what exactly IS contouring? Contouring, or sculpting, adds shadows to enhance bone structure and give the appearance of depth. If it sounds intimidating or time consuming, it’s not – at least not with our Contour Powder in Sombra created specifically for this defining trick.

Contour Powder in Sombra on model

1. With our #7 Half Moon Brush, lightly sweep Sombra in the hollow of your cheekbones (where you feel the dip beneath the bone), down the sides of the nose, along your hairline and jawline, and in the depth of the temples.

2. Blend and soften the edges, feathering outward.

3. Dust your now sculpted canvas with our Highlighter using the #23 Kitten Brush across your cheekbones, nose, and underneath the eyes for an added natural glow.

What did we tell you?! Easy!

Alima Pure
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