Get the Perfect Smoky Eye for the Holidays!

Perfect Smoky Eye Kit Alima Pure

With the holiday season in full swing, wouldn’t it be great to have an easy-to-accomplish, but still dramatic look that you can rely on to look polished and appropriate for any party or gathering? Your wish is our command—introducing the Alima Pure Perfect Smoky Eye Kit.

Available through the holiday season, this handy makeup set includes everything you need to create a smoky eye in beautiful neutrals that will work for any skin tone or wardrobe. Packaged in our signature pink bag, the kit includes our Pearluster Eyeshadow in Champagne, a limited edition Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow in Soiree, Satin Matte Eyeliner in Black, a #33 Angle Liner Brush, a #36 Crease Brush and Natural Definition Mascara in Black. With a retail value of $98.50, the makeup kit is $55 through the holiday season, making it a great gift as well as a time-saver for you!

How to Apply the Perfect Smoky Eye:

  1. Starting with your #3 brush, apply Soiree along the lash-line, and blend it up over the lid, into the crease. Once this is done, if you are going for a very smoky look, add a bit more Soiree to your brush, then spritz the bristles with a light misting of water.  Use this along the lashes, still with the #36 Brush, and blend.
  2. Clean off your brush so that no grey shadow remains. Then apply Champagne from the brow bone down to where you ended your Soiree. Sweep what is left on the brush around the inner corner of the eye to create a wide-awake look, then go back and blend the line between Soiree and Champagne.
  3. Using the #33 Brush, dip your brush into Black, and work the color into the bristles. Then lightly spritz, so that you will get a more dramatic line. Line your upper lashes, winging the outer corner up slightly, and extending beyond the edge of your eye. Load the brush again, but skip the water and line the lower lashes.
  4. For a more intense look, dip the #36 brush into your Black, picking up just a tiny bit of color. Work the color into the bristles and apply this just to the outer corner of the eyes in “v” shape, and blend.
  5. Curl your lashes and apply several coats of Natural Definition Mascara, and you are ready to party the night away!

To complete the look, we are also giving away a FREE Lip Tint in our exclusive holiday shade, Mulberry, with every order over $50, while supplies last.

Alyson Hancock
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