Go Sultry: Get the Makeup Look with the Me Encanta Collection

At Alima Pure, we’re big fans of multi-taskers. In fact, a lot of our makeup products can be used to achieve a number of different makeup looks. For example, in our Destinations Travel Set, the new Sedona Face Radiance powder can double as a bronzer AND a base eyeshadow to save room in your makeup bag. Pretty neat, right?

Our latest makeup kit, the Me Encanta Collection curated by Professional Makeup Artist Kristen Arnett, also features products that make fantastic multi-taskers. By simply experimenting with the four colors, layering on certain shades while downplaying others or dipping your brush in water versus going in with dry powder, you can easily take your makeup look from night to day, soft to strong, or chic to sultry with ease.

Last week, we shared how to get the look using this seasonal color collection to achieve the Me Encanta “Chic” look. Today, we’re going for full drama with what we call the Me Encanta “Sultry” look. This gal is ready for a night on the town dancing and partying with friends.

Kristen shares her makeup tips and inspiration via the Green Beauty Team Blog on how to get this look at home! Watch the video here and follow the easy steps after the break:

  1. Mix a drop or two of water with some Flamenco mineral eyeshadow to create a paste. Go directly to the lid with the shadow on your finger and press it on.
  1. Rim the upper and lower lashes using the #31 Fine Liner/Concealer Brush wet and dip it into the Flamenco eyeshadow.

Note: Do not add water directly to the container of eyeshadow. Use the lid of the container as a mixing palette or another smooth surface like a dish.

  1. Put a small amount of eyeshadow on the #37 Eye Blending Brush and buff out the edges of where you applied the Flamenco in the crease of the eye and softly diffuse any hard lines. Don’t over work the brush over the color or it will lift off too much.
  1. Define the cheekbones using Sombra Contour Powder and the #7 Half Moon Brush in the hollows of the cheeks. The color gets more intense with each layer, so build slowly.
  1. Add just a touch of Pink Satin Matte Blush using the #17 Blush Brush on the apples of the cheeks. Don’t go over board with this or you’ll look garish. It should add a touch of color to balance the contour and navy on the face, but should be barely perceptible.
  2. Coat the lashes with Black Natural Definition Mascara. Start at root and sweep upwards to open the eye. Then repeat, repeat, repeat. This is no time to have skimpy lashes!
  1. As the last step, finish the look with a few swipes of Baila Lip Tint on your lips to look like you are ready to go claim the night!

And there you have it, a simmering, sultry look that is perfect for any event or get-together this holiday season.

Clarissa Fong
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