I tried several different mineral cosmetics before Alima. Your products and company are superior on so many levels, it's hard to be brief, but I'll try.

When a company is started on passion and a sound ethical base, it shows. From the packers to the CEO, it feels as though there's a common thread tying everyone and everything together into one cohesive, fluid experience. 

Every part of the shopping, ordering, communication, and receipt experience is a joy. (And I hate shopping, so that's really saying something!) From gorgeous colors and flawless textures not offered elsewhere, to superlative quality in manufacture and packaging, it is clear that Alima associates care about--and take ownership of--quality products and service. That is rare.

Thank you for raising the bar in product quality; sustainable and beautiful packaging; the largest complexion representation ever offered; communication; and ethical practices. -Martha

Well, we've had quite a stir over your makeup here -- i'm a little taken aback :-)  In a good way!  We've had people going crazy, dragging in sisters and mothers in law to find their special shade. -Cherilyn

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Alima! I am impressed with your service - my samples arrived packaged as lovingly as if I had ordered full-sized product - and shipped so quickly! The product is even more beautiful than I had expected. Even your containers are cute! I will definitely be shopping again, and I will tell all of my friends about you! We are all looking for alternatives to the toxic cosmetics out there - I am a makeup artist and I used to work for an Estee Lauder company. I have finally found the quality of color I am used to - in a safe formula! -Nina

I must say I am 110% sold on your products. I have already tested the products I ordered and I love them. Your shadows were very true to the colors on your website (which is set up wonderfully!). They look and feel beautiful on and do not irritate my eyes. The blush I ordered looks completely natural and the Lipbalm is AWESOME! Finally a lip product that offers a little bit of NATURAL looking color that isn't at all sticky and feels amazing on. My lips THANK YOU :) -Rebecca

Just wanted to say what an amazing product line you have! I saw a couple of recommendations for Alima while looking up different brands on Amazon.com, and then ordered some samples. I've never used anything other than liquid foundation before, and I can't believe your powders work EVEN BETTER! Unbelievable coverage while feeling and looking make-up free. I've now ordered the full size foundation, and as soon as my (very generous!) blush samples run out, I'll be ordering the fulls of those, too. And your extra samples were so fun to try out! Shipping was super-fast. I'm just impressed by your company all the way around, and have recommended to all my friends & family. Thanks again! -Jenna

I am in LOVE with your products. I got my first samples of foundation, lip glosses & eyeshadows. Well, they are the best, ever. I've been using Everyday Minerals and they have wonderful products as well but yours are superior. I found the right color in the first batch! I used to use BE but the bismuth got to me. So, for 6 years I've been seatching for a like product w/o bismuth and I think I've finally found it! The lip glosses are phenomenal. I can't wait to order full size things. It will be soon. -Anita

Just had to send you all a rave! I LOVE the new website, and I cannot get enough of your products! I've been a loyal customer for about 2 years now, and you just keep getting better and better. And one word about the packaging - FANTASTIC! I adore the way you wrap all of your products when I receive them in the mail - it is so classy, so professional, so polished. I LOVE getting my Alima packages! Keep up the wonderful work - you're the only mineral makeup company for me! -Meg 

I used to be in awe of women who had beautiful, natural looking makeup. I have tried (for years!) to find a line perfect for my extremely oily, highly sensitive skin. Your makeup is a dream... it doesn't irritate my skin at all! Now my complexion looks radiant and the colors are so natural looking it is as if I don't have makeup on at all! It took me a while of trying many, many samples...but I finally discovered by mixing Natural 3 & 4 the mineral makeup seems to disappear on my skin. Thank you for making a product that makes me look so beautiful. Thank you also for making it so affordable. Alima is a dream! -Beth 

I just wanted to let you know I LOVE YOUR STUFF! It's beyond amazing. I've passed it on to ALL my friends my best friend know exactly what to buy each other now for presents. WE ARE IN LOVE WITH THIS MAKEUP! -Giulia

I just wanted to thank you for your great products and customer service. I love the safety of your products, the fact that you do not conduct animal testing, and your recyclable packaging! I also enjoy your sample size option which is perfect for someone who has never tried mineral make-up before. And thank you for the free samples you included in my package! -Stacy

I first saw your products at a little natural/organic store in Ann Arbor, MI and decided to order the violet correcting powder (a product I had never seen before and bought because my eyes are sometimes really sallow looking) few weeks after.  I have ABSOLUTELY fallen in love with every product I've gotten.  I have no idea how I lived most my life without foundation but can't walk out of the house now without my Neutral 2 + Freja or Garnet blush.  My skin is clearer and the tone more even.  Thank you for your products... I love that I have found a company that I will purchase from for as long as you're in business! -Liz

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