Our Founder

Kate O’Brien always understood what you put in your body affects your health.

As a wife and mother, she fed her family organic produce and tried to limit the chemicals in her home. She knew that things that came directly from nature were the best choices for her family.

From Change Comes Beauty

But in 2004, Kate’s mother had become ill and it was weighing on her heart and soul. At this very tumultuous time, her teenaged daughter was becoming interested in wearing cosmetics. As she studied the ingredients of the fun, sparkly cosmetics that her daughter wanted to wear, Kate thought of her own mother and wondered what little factors had contributed to her illness. She recognized that our skin is the only barrier between our inner world and the outer world and that, just as what we put in our bodies makes a difference, what we put on them also matters. So she searched for cosmetics with natural and organic ingredients – ingredients she knew would not impact her beloved daughter health in 20, 30 or 40 years. The safe cosmetics were out there, but as Kate looked at them through her daughter’s eyes, they didn’t have the vibrancy she saw in her daughter. She couldn’t find the colors and textures that her daughter craved and the ingredients that she felt good about in one package.

Anything But Boring

She began, in her spare time, to research mineral ingredients and then to hand-craft batches of makeup. As she created, Kate discovered that natural cosmetics can be rich, and deep and silky. They can be sparkly or satiny, vivid purple or soft beige, and still be completely free of parabens, talc, and nanoparticles. Inspired, Kate wanted to share this good news with all women, because she believes that we all deserve safe beauty products that allow them to express their individuality with joy.

Alima Pure was created so that all women can play with color and texture, and enhance their natural beauty without worrying about the effect it may have on their health. Today, Alima Pure is sold around the world, and Kate has the distinct pleasure of working every day with her (now adult) beautiful daughter.

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