Easy 5-Minute Mineral Makeup Application

Yes, we’re serious. You can look amazing in just five minutes.

First, because you already do! But also, because mineral makeup is just that easy. Here’s how.

  1. Start with your eyeshadow. Use an all-purpose eyeshadow brush, like #37 Eye Blending Brush, to sweep color across your lid. 
  2. Line your upper lash line with your favorite Natural Definition Eye Pencil.
  3. Define and shape your brows with a matching shadow and the #33 Angle Liner Brush.
  4. Pick up a bit of mineral foundation with your #25 Foundation Brush, and swirl the brush in your foundation lid or a small bowl to distribute the powder. Tap off the excess powder, and gently brush the foundation over your face. Apply light layers, and then touch up any areas that require a little extra coverage.
  5. How much color do you want today? If you want more overall color apply a small amount of bronzer in an "E3" pattern - that is an "E" on the left side of your face (the middle goes out to your nose) and a "3" on the right side (the middle goes across your cheeks and lifts at the nose). The #23 Kitten Brush works really well for this because it helps avoid picking up too much bronzer.
  6. Sweep blush on the apple of your cheeks. Our favorite blush brush is #17.
  7. Finish your look with Natural Definition Mascara and Lip Tint!

Questions? Ask an Artist. Every question is a good one.