Easy 5-Minute Mineral Makeup Application

Here’s how.

  1. Start with your eyeshadow. Use an all-purpose eyeshadow brush, like #37 Eye Blending Brush, to sweep color across your lid. 
  2. Line your upper lash line with your favorite Natural Definition Eye Pencil.
  3. Define and shape your brows with a matching shadow and the #33 Angle Liner Brush.
  4. Pick up a bit of mineral foundation with your #25 Foundation Brush, and swirl the brush in your foundation lid or a small bowl to distribute the powder. Tap off the excess powder, and gently brush the foundation over your face. Apply light layers, and then touch up any areas that require a little extra coverage.
  5. How much color do you want today? If you want more overall color apply a small amount of bronzer in an "E3" pattern - that is an "E" on the left side of your face (the middle goes out to your nose) and a "3" on the right side (the middle goes across your cheeks and lifts at the nose). The #23 Kitten Brush works really well for this because it helps avoid picking up too much bronzer.
  6. Sweep blush on the apple of your cheeks. Our favorite blush brush is #17.
  7. Finish your look with Natural Definition Mascara and Lip Tint!

Questions? Ask an Artist. Every question is a good one.

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