Choosing Mineral Blush and Bronzer Colors

Once you've found your mineral foundation shade, choosing a complementary blush and bronzer is easy!

Start with the basics: warm colors complement warm skin tones, and cool colors complement cool skin tones. Want a more natural look? Choose a shade that isn't much darker or lighter than your skin. Feeling a little playful? Take it up a notch or two for greater impact.

Do you wear Warm, Beige or Golden foundation? Try peachy, coral or brick-red shades with a yellow or brown undertone. Apricot, Mimosa, Bisque, Honey Rose, Melon, Cerise, or Sospiro.

Do you wear a Cool foundation? Look for something with a rosy or pink undertone. You might like Apple Blossom, Antique Rose, Pink, Black Raspberry, Leigh or Garnet might work well.

Do you wear an Olive or Neutral foundation? You are a lucky one who can go either way. Play up the warmth of your skin with warm blushes or try a cool look with a cool blush.

Still undecided? One of our lovely makeup artists will be happy to help.