The Perfect Natural Nail Treatment

Posted on November 05, 2008 by kate | 3 Comments

What would you say if we told you we found the perfect clear natural nail polish? What if it pampered your cuticles, strengthened your nails, never required harsh chemical removers, and never chipped?

We didn't believe it at first, either. But after a week of use, Unpetroleum Jelly has won our hearts. Smooth it on your nails a couple of times each day, and you won't believe the transformation. Rub it into your cuticles and they will become soft and well behaved. Each additional application seems to make nails stronger and more lustrous. Okay, maybe it's not quite as shiny as polish, but we think it's infinitely better. You only need a tiny bit at a time, so a tube will last forever. It's great for keeping feet soft, too.

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