Pure Satisfaction

Posted on November 14, 2011 by terresa | 7 Comments

We love our customers, and we want to be sure our customers love their Alima Pure.  To help us with that goal, we are announcing a new policy...Pure Satisfaction.  Pure Satisfaction is our guarantee that you will love any full-sized product you purchase from us, or you can return it (no questions asked) within 30 days.

One of our commitments as a company is to continually improve our impact on the environment.   We reached a point where the most meaningful thing we could do was to eliminate some of our samples.  We have long struggled with sending all of those little plastic jars out into the world, hoping they would be responsibly recycled, but we couldn't really be sure.  We understand that a few of our customers will be saddened by this, but going forward, we will not be offering samples of eyeshadows and eyeliners.  We will continue to provide you free eye shadow samples with your orders and hope that this is a way to find new favorites.

We believe finding your foundation shade is important and can be difficult online  -  so we will still offer foundation samples, as well as blush, finishing powder, bronzer and concealer samples.  But for eyeshadows and eye liners, products where matching is not really involved, rest assured that you can read our descriptions, ask our advice if you like and make your choices with confidence...because if you don't love it, you can return it.   See our Pure Satisfaction Guarantee for details.


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