Update your makeup bag for winter

Posted on November 04, 2011 by terresa | 0 Comments

The sudden drop in temperature here leaves no doubt, winter truly is just around the corner!  And as the weather changes and the last traces of any tan you had fades into oblivion, you may want to consider updating the contents of your makeup bag for the season.

Comfort is key when the weather gets colder, so it is always a good idea to have a moisturizer that you can apply to hands, elbows or even your face when you really need some moisture.  Coconut oil is a great choice, you can easily transfer some from a larger container into a small jar, and because it is solid at room temperature, you don't need to worry about leaks or spills.

To add a little color back to your face, carry a bronzer that is slightly darker than your natural skintone and a blush with a rosier tone.  Satin Matte Blush in Antique Rose, Honey Rose and Desert Rose are great options, as are Bronzers like Maricaibo, Mauna Loa and Trinidad.

When the skies are dull, add a bit more brightness to your look with a Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow with not-so-subtle sparkle.  Buttercream, Venus, Paris or Leone are easy to sweep all over the eye area and look great with or without a contour color.

Finally, switch from a drying lipstick to our moisturizing Organic Nourishing Lip Balm.  Cranberry gives lipstick-like coverage, but provides anti-oxidants and moisture at the same time.

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Makeup Artist's Favorite - Gazelle

Posted on September 13, 2011 by terresa | 1 Comment

I recently used up an entire Alima Pure eyeshadow. If you own any of our shadows, you know that this is not all that easy to do! The shadows last a long time, to say the least. But Gazelle Luminous Shimmer Shadow has overtaken all other shadows as my "go-to."  When you wear an eyeshadow daily, it does eventually run out!

What is it about Gazelle that makes it so perfect? Well, for me at least, everything! The shade, a soft beige that is not too far from my natural skin tone (Beige 2). But what makes it really special is the shimmer. It's not sparkly like some of the other Luminous Shimmer Shadows, but it is not pearly like a Pearluster. It is just the right amount of shimmer to brighten up my eye area without looking inappropriate for my age.

If your skin is more of a neutral or cool, and maybe slightly deeper, Chai Luminous Shimmer Shadow may end up being the "go-to" shade for you.  I just used it on a Neutral 5 today, and the effect was similar to Gazelle on my skin, and it was beautiful!  If you have darker skin, Palomino Luminous Shimmer Shadow would fit the bill for you.

And here's a little good news, if you happen to be looking for an entire set that is perfect for every day, our Simply Perfect Collection is available on the website for a limited time only.  It contains my favorite Gazelle, but also Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow in Tigereye and Satin Matte Blush in Pink.  It is a great set for daily wear or as a gift to introduce someone to the wonders of Alima Pure mineral cosmetics!


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No muss, no fuss!

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Do you think loose mineral foundation is messy? A lot of people think so, but if you take advantage of a few tips and tools, it needn't be any messier than a pressed product!

The key to keeping mess down is to work product into the bristles of your brush before you bring your brush to your face. With products like blush and eyeshadows, this can easily be accomplished by keeping the product in the jar, picking some up from the sifter-top and then using the lid to tap or swirl the brush in the lid to get the product from the tips of the brush to the bristles.  When it is worked up into the bristles, product doesn't fall off the brush, either onto your face or your counter-top.

But sometimes the jar lid isn't roomy enough to swirl or otherwise work product into the brush and in those cases, a small bowl can come in very handy.

Pictured clockwise above, from upper left are: a hand-made bowl (by a special beginning ceramics student) and three sauce dishes from import stores, including one made of bamboo.

To use a bowl, tap a bit of foundation directly into the dish and then pick up that small amount with your brush and tap or swirl the brush in the bowl to work that product into the bristles. Once it is all worked into the brush, bring the brush up to your face. If more foundation is needed, tap a bit more directly into the bowl.  The larger area and higher sides of the bowl will help keep your countertops clean.

The two smaller "bowls" in the picture above are chopstick holders.  These are perfect for mixing eyeliner or eyeshadow with water!  Use a small spatula or even your liner brush to scoop some of the shadow or liner into the bowl, then drip a few drops of water into the "bowl."  Mix them together, adding more shadow or water as needed to get your desired consistency.  Be sure to discard any product that remains after using your products wet.

If you've been bothered by messiness with your loose minerals, try a little bowl, we think you'll be pleased with the results!

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Alima Pure Staff Favorites

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Sara is more than just one of the longest-term Alima Pure employees, you could really call her the Alima Pure muse! Back when Sara was approaching the age when her mom had promised she could begin wearing makeup, mom began to have some concerns about what Sara would be putting on her young, beautiful skin. That's what prompted Kate O'Brien to create Alima Pure!

When we needed a photo for a blog post we did on Alicia Silverstone's blog, The Kind Life, we recruited Sara to model for us. We asked her to pick out her five favorite products to take for the photo shoot, and the results can be seen above. Sara is wearing Satin Matte Foundation in Warm 1, Satin Matte Blush in Pink, Pearluster Eyeshadow in Silk, Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow in Tigereye and our Organic Nourishing Lipbalm in Rhubarb. The result is soft, gorgeous and so easy to apply!

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It's amazing what a little Pistachio can do!

Posted on June 17, 2011 by terresa | 3 Comments

Several years ago, when Alima Pure created our Color Balancing Powders, I have to confess, I was worried. As someone who has an excess of redness in the cheek area, I had tried green "correcting" products many times in the past. The problem with each and every one I tried was that instead of ending up looking red, I ended up looking green...not a real improvement, in my opinion! Kate was still formulating all of the colors at that time, and she took my fears to heart. She ended up with our Pistachio, which is green, but not glaringly so. Softened by beige, this little gem tones down redness without leaving a hint of green to show through your foundation. Most people who use Pistachio find that they need to use considerably less foundation than they otherwise would.

To illustrate how amazing it can be, we photographed Alyssa, the beautiful sister of our amazing photographer, Kara. Alyssa swears by Pistachio, and graciously allowed us to photograph her with a bare face.  On the left, Alyssa with nothing on her face. On the right, Alyssa with ONLY Pistachio. Amazing, isn't it?

Because she was such a great sport, we finished Alyssa's look, applying her foundation in Neutral 2, Luminous Shimmer Blush in Freja, Pearluster shadows in Cassis and Amethyst, and Organic Nourishing Lip Balm in Rhubarb. Radiant!

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Alima Pure Summer Glow

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Kick off summer with a handy kit of summer essentials that will tuck right into your favorite beach bag!

Available in two different color choices (Light-Medium and Medium-Deep), each set features a full-sized Bronzer, two full-sized Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow and an adorable Petite Kabuki Brush. In each set, one shadow is a return appearance of a popular Limited Edition Shadow from a previous collection, so you’ll want to grab it while you can! Packaged in our beautiful new box, these sets also make a great gift for anyone interested in trying out minerals! The sets retail for $35 each.

The Light-Medium set includes Mauna Loa Bronzer and Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadows in Buttercream, and the Limited Edition Tiramisu.

TheMedium-Deep set includes Seychelles Bronzer and Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadows in Leone and the Limited Edition Agate.

How to wear it:

With the Petite Kabuki brush, apply the bronzer to your cheekbones, and then use the product that remains on the brush along your hairline, jawline, and down the center of your nose.

Apply the lighter Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow from your crease to brow, with a #37 brush. Then apply the deeper shade from lashes to brows. For a little more drama, add a brown liner like Paparazzi or Espresso along the upper lash line, and a little of one of the shadows smudged below lower lashes.

Finish with Organic Nourishing Lip Balm in Mango, a juicy shade that’s perfect for summer!

Here’s Dea, wearing her Beige 3 foundation and the Light-Medium set!


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Alima Pure Staff Favorites

Posted on May 26, 2011 by Alyson Hancock | 1 Comment

Karin has worked at Alima Pure for four years, and is superb at keeping orders flowing out the door, from individual orders that customers place on line, to orders going around the world to our distributors.

As a working mother of three boys, Karin appreciates the fact that she can apply a handful of products without spending a lot of time, and have a perfect, glowing look that enhances her natural beauty.

We applied Beige 3 Satin Matte Foundation all over Karin's face for sheer coverage, then highlighted the apples of her cheeks with Leigh Luminous Shimmer Blush.

On her eyes, we used two Luminous Shimmer shadows, Chai from the crease to the brows, and Sienna on the lid. Satin Matte Eyeliner in Espresso, used wet, lined the upper lashes, and Satin Matte Eyeshadow in Raven filled in the brows.

As the finishing touch, Karin applied our new Organic Nourishing Lip Balm in Holly Berry. It's just that easy to look Naturally Gorgeous!

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