The course of true love never did run smooth...

Posted on June 15, 2011 by terresa | 2 Comments

Alima Pure’s Midsummer Night’s Dream collection is inspired by one of Shakespeare’s most accessible and best-loved comedies. Featuring love potions, mischievous fairies and star-crossed lovers, the play is filled with beautiful Elizabethan-era imagery. With these four colors, you can create a look worthy of the Queen of Fairies or an eloping noble’s daughter.

  • Helena is a romantic, medium pink with a pearly finish.
  • Hermia is a bright, shimmering lilac.
  • Titania is a lush, pearly gold.
  • Oberon is a regal bronze shimmer.

Queen of the Fairies look

Apply Titania from lashes to brow. Add Oberon in the crease and outer corner, and apply with a damp brush to upper lash line.

Sweep a bit of Luminous Shimmer Blush in Sahara on cheekbones. Slick Fig Nourishing Lip Balm on lips.

Lovelorn look

Apply Helena from lashes to brows and Hermia in the crease and outer corner. Line the upper lashes with Oberon and the lower lashes with Titania.

Apply Satin Matte Blush in Pink to the apples of the cheeks, and finish with Rhubarb Nourishing Lip Balm.

The Midsummer Night’s Dream collection is available for a limited time for $30, with $2 from each purchase going to the Global Fund for Women.

(The headline, "The course of true love never did run smooth" is a quote from A Midsummer Night's Dream, spoken by the character Lysander to his love, Hermia. If you have never read the play, we highly recommend you read it on a balmy summer evening!)

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Eyeshadow - wet or dry?

Posted on May 31, 2011 by terresa | 0 Comments

If you are new to mineral shadows, you may be wondering how you can get the colors to show up the way they look in the jar. Because the loose powders contain no binders, they can go on more sheer than a traditional shadow, but there are ways to eliminate that difference.

The simplest way to get your shadows to look vibrant and rich is also a great way to increase the wear and help prevent creasing. Simply work the shadow into the brush as you would to wear it dry, but right before you apply the shadow to the eye, lightly spritz the end of the brush with water.  In the above photo, Mariama is wearing Leone, one of our most shimmery shadows, which also means it is more sheer than a shadow with less sparkle. The eye on the right side of the photo was applied dry with a #39 brush. The left side of the photo was also applied with the #39, but spritzed with water before applying.  As you can see, wetting this shimmer intensifies both the color and the shimmer level, and has the added benefit of wearing longer without creasing!

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Eco-chick Jessa Blades uses Alima Pure

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Our lovely friend Jessa Blades, natural makeup artist extraordinaire, teamed up with eco fashionista Greta Eagan for an eco photo shoot. And what eyeshadow did they use? Alima Pure, of course! Read all about it here.

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Show your Mom that she's your favorite Goddess

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and what better way to show someone how you feel about them than with the Alima Pure Goddess Collection?

This year’s featured goddesses are Isis and Artemis. Isis was the Egyptian goddess of motherhood and magic. (Really, what’s the difference?) She was the ideal mother and wife. Greek goddess Artemis was the patron of women in childbirth and the guardian of young children and wild animals. Isis has a medium beige matte base, but with a generous helping of golden sparkle added. Artemis is a deep, matte eggplant with a brown undertone.

The collection comes in our adorable Alima Pure travel bag that houses four beautiful signature Alima Pure eye brushes as well as the Goddess shadow duo. The brushes are the #33 (Angle Liner/Brow), the #36 (Crease), #37 (All-Over Blending) and #39 (Large Shadow). The brushes are tucked into brush slots on one side of the bag, and the shadows are located in a zippered pouch on the opposite side. The two sides come together with our signature bird as the zipper pull.

The collection, with a value of $83 if purchased separately, is just $47, for a limited time only.

How to wear it:

With the #37 or #39 brush, apply Isis from lashes to brow. With the #36 brush, swirl a touch of Artemis in the outer corner and crease. Then line with Artemis and a damp #33 brush. In keeping with the goddess theme, wing your liner up and out just a bit at the other corner.

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Holiday Gift with Purchase

Posted on November 26, 2010 by kate | 1 Comment

It has become something of an Alima Pure tradition--over the past several years, we have offered a set of nine deluxe samples as our gift to our customers with orders over $65 (before shipping and after any discounts) during the month of December.  This year is no exception, and we have selected some real beautys from Alima's 2009-2010 Limited Edition collections!

Agate – rich copper-brown sparkle from the Beachcomber collection
Mantra – soft blue-green sparked with gold from the Yoga collection
Pink Sapphire – sparkling light pink from the Holiday Jewel Boxes
Selene – pearly golden pink from the Goddess collection
Tanzanite – intense blue-violet with pearly shimmer from the Holiday Jewel Boxes
Topaz – smoky gold with silver sparkle from the Holiday Jewel Boxes
Tulle – super-sheer wash of golden shimmer from the Perfectly Tailored collection
Velvet – lush, smoky purple with a hint of shimmer from the Perfectly Tailored collection
Wallowas – soft green with subtle shimmer from Cascadia

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Alima Pure Holiday 2010 Limited Edition Fairy Tale Collection

Posted on November 09, 2010 by kate | 5 Comments

Celebrate this holiday season in Fairy Princess style! “Once Upon A Time,” a beautiful princess discovered four gorgeous eyeshadows that helped her overcome evil and be the darling of all the holiday parties.

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Intensify your brown eyes...

Posted on September 21, 2010 by terresa | 2 Comments

Brown-eyed girls may not consider themselves especially lucky, but when it comes to selecting eyeshadows, they most certainly are. There are almost no shadow colors that brown eyes can't wear, and if you have brown eyes and feel that there is a color that looks really horrible on you, it probably has more to do with your skin-tone or even hair color than your actual eye color.

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