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You'd practically have to live under a rock to miss the fact that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The pink products start taking over store shelves in September, and in past years the offerings ran the gamut from jewelry in the shape of a pink ribbon to vacuum cleaners and car tires. In the beauty category, especially, there are hundreds of offerings of special "pink" products, with portions of the sales of each item going to one of the non-profit organizations that are tied to Breast Cancer.

As honorable as most of these offerings are, there have been more concerns raised about "pink ribbon abuse" and "pink-washing," two terms that are most often used in regards to products that are donating to the cause while they may also be contributing to the illness. The most recent example is a fragrance that was commissioned by a large non-profit dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer. Many people are concerned that two of the frangrance's ingredients have been linked to cancer.

At Alima Pure, we are well aware that not all claims that an ingredient is harmful are relevant to their use.   You have to do your research. We hope that whenever you are faced with a "pink" product, or any other product, that you do your homework and check the ingredients to see if you are comfortable with their safety.

Breast Cancer is a cause that is close to our hearts for a number of reasons. But rather than create a special pink product for this month, we have decided that we simply would rather donate to the Breast Cancer Fund (BCF).  At the end of October, we will be making a donation in the name of Alima Pure and our customers.

The BCF's mission is "In response to the public health crisis of breast cancer, the Breast Cancer Fund identifies — and advocates for elimination of — the environmental and other preventable causes of the disease." We think that sounds perfect. They are doing their research, and we encourage you to do yours. We think that when you do, you will be impressed with Alima Pure's dedication to safe ingredients. After all, we wear the products; as do our mothers, daughters, aunts, cousins and friends. We make the products, so we have employees who are exposed to the ingredients. We are concerned for their safety, and yours.

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So many colors, but only two lips!

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[caption id="attachment_2878" align="aligncenter" width="300"] From back to front: Fig, Holly Berry, Sweet Pea, Mango, Cranberry, Natural, Rhubarb, Acai.[/caption]

We hope you are as in love with our wonderful new Organic Nourishing Lip Balm as we are! The fabulous formula is loaded with anti-oxidants, and every ingredient except the pure mineral pigments is organically grown.

We understand that selecting tinted lip balm shades can be a bit daunting when you can’t see them in person, so with that in mind, we have written some descriptions to help you choose your shade. Keep in mind that all of these are, after all, lip balms, so they are sheer and a bit shiny.

Acai – our lightest shade, a shimmery light pink, but without a hint of “Barbie” to it. It has just enough warmth to complement anyone with fair skin, who just wants a hint of color.

Rhubarb – our truest pink, without any shimmer. If you love Satin Matte Blush in Pink, you will love Rhubarb. When you want a hint of pink, Rhubarb is your secret weapon. (It’s also a favorite of International Makeup Artist and Green Beauty Team founder, Kristen Arnett!)

Mango – a peachy-coral with shimmer that is a beautiful compliment to a tan. Mango is our warmest shade, and has enough color to give a nice pop of brightness.

Sweet Pea – the newest shade to join the family, Sweet Pea is very similar to Rhubarb but with a hint of shimmer. If you’re looking for the perfect “Kate Middleton wedding lip,” give Sweet Pea a try!

Fig – this customer favorite almost defies description. How can a color be both warm and cool at the same time? We’re not quite sure, but this cool, plum base with coppery shimmer looks good on just about everyone. As one of our darker shades, this offers the look of a sheer lipstick.

Holly Berry – a soft red with a hint of brown, Holly Berry is another darker shade. You can definitely tell you’ve put it on, but without having that super “done-up” look. Yes, you’re just naturally that gorgeous!

Cranberry – the grande dame of the collection, Cranberry can almost pass for a lipstick. But of course, she doesn’t want to…she loves being soothing and nourishing while still providing lipstick-like coverage. A browned-red, Cranberry looks beautiful on medium to dark skins, and striking on fair skins.

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A Virtual Spring Bouquet

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Spring Bouquet

Alima has a garden-full of floral-named shades, and every one of them is beautiful and appropriate for spring.  For cheeks, choose Rosa Luminous Shimmer Blush.  If you prefer a matte look, Satin Matte Blushes come in Apple Blossom, Carnation, Geranium, Mimosa and the roses…Antique Rose, Honey Rose and Desert Rose.

For eyes, you can choose from Black Orchid and Hellebore Luminous Shimmer shadows; Camellia, Daphne and Lilac Satin Matte shadows; and Viola Pearluster shadow.

To create a spring bouquet, apply Daphne as a base, with Hellebore on the lid.  Contour with Lilac, and use it damp to line.  For fair skins, sweep Tulip blush over the entire cheek area, and apply a touch of Rosa on the apples of the cheeks.  For deeper skins, apply Carnation on the entire cheek area and add a touch of Antique Rose or Geranium for brightness.

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