Introducing Alima Pure Lip Tints!

‘New and improved’ seems cliché, but what do you say when it is absolutely true? Alima Pure Lip Tints are the new and improved version of our very popular Nourishing Lipbalm. This beautiful, richly tinted balm is filled with organically grown ingredients that will moisturize your lips while treating your senses to the comforting scents of chocolate and vanilla.  Camellia, Pumpkin Seed, and Pomegranate Oils offer a healthy dose of antioxidants, while soothing ingredients like Beeswax and Olive Oil promote the healing of chapped lips. Beautiful, pure mineral pigments provide a range of gorgeous colors that are perfect for every occasion.

The main difference you will notice when you see Alima’s new Lip Tints is the larger, more lipstick-like tube size. The new tube, which should be easier to find in your handbag, holds nearly twice as much product as our old Lipbalm. This makes the retail price of $12 a great value for a natural lip balm.

You might also notice the absence of peppermint scent. Although we love peppermint, some Alima fans were allergic to the oil so we’ve come up with a wonderful alternative. The Lip Tints include luscious Cocoa Butter with a hint of fragrant Vanilla Essential Oil!

Using pure makeup ingredients has always been our passion, and the Lip Tints are no exception. Luckily, there are so many wonderful and nurturing ingredients that can be used to pamper and moisturize lips, the hardest part was choosing which ingredients to leave out! We added a couple of new things that we hope you’ll enjoy.

Though it seems like a humble ingredient, Olive Oil was an easy choice as it is rich in healing antioxidants and vitamins. Camellia Sinensis Oil adds moisture, protection, and still more antioxidants. And then for another dose of antioxidants, we added Pumpkin Seed Oil. Find our full natural makeup ingredient list here. Overall, the new Lip Tints are a healthy and moisturizing treatment for your lips, with the added benefits of pure mineral color and delicious scent.

In order to offer seasonal Lip Tint shades, we trimmed our color line slightly to include our our six most popular shades. (But if you have a hankering for something new, stay tuned, we have three limited edition shades planned for holiday!) Our regular line includes:

  • Cranberry – warm burgundy
  • Fig – shimmering bronzed plum
  • Holly Berry – spiced rose
  • Mango – shimmering coral
  • Rhubarb – medium neutral pink
  • Sweet Pea – shimmering rose
Alyson Hancock


Alyson Hancock

hi! i can’t find your lip tints on your website. Did you stop making them?

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