Jennifer Lawrence’s Natural Makeup Look is Catching Fire!

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…And it is easy to see why! Perfect skin and barely there color put all emphasis on her gorgeous eyes. The look is easy to duplicate, and best of all, can be done entirely using natural makeup products from Alima Pure. Read on to get this look that is fresh off the press.

Begin with the Satin Matte Foundation that matches your skin, and apply one sheer layer with the #25 Foundation Brush.  Use a Luminous Shimmer Powder (Whisper if you are fair like Jennifer; Lumina if you are medium or darker) to highlight the tops of cheekbones, forehead, and add a very sparing amount down the bridge of nose and on the chin. Use a very small amount of Satin Matte Blush in the hollows of cheeks to contour and give a bit of natural color. (Fair-skinned ladies might choose Apple Blossom or Mimosa; medium and darker skins would do well with Bisque.)

Fill in and shape brows with a Satin Matte Eyeshadow close to your natural brow color. In Jennifer’s case, Mahogany would be a lovely choice. Then sweep Toffee Pearluster Eyeshadow over the entire lid area, and up beyond the crease.  Line under lower lashes with Toffee on a #31 Fine Liner Brush.  Smudge a bit of Black Satin Matte Eyeliner in the upper lash line, using a dry #33 Angle Liner Brush. Finish the eyes with a coat of Natural Definition Mascara in Black.

Using your finger, rather than applying directly from the tube, dab Mango Nourishing Lip Balm onto the lips. If you prefer to not use your finger, you can apply directly from the tube and then lightly blot the lips.

And there you have it! A look inspired by this lovely Academy Award winner that you can wear every day.

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