How to Find Your Shade of Mineral Foundation Part I: Skin Tone

In order to find your ideal mineral foundation shade it helps to know your skin tone. But skin tone can be the tricky bit. How do you know if you are neutral or cool? Olive or warm? Alima Pure has put together a little undertone quiz to help. Just answer these three simple questions:

1. Which colors look better on you?

a. White and pink

b. Cream and yellow

2. Which metal tone is best for you?

a. I much prefer silver

b. Gold for me, please

3. What color are the veins on the inside of your wrist?

a. Blue to purple

b. Some of them look a bit greenish, actually

If you answered ‘a’ to these questions, you have a cool skin tone. You look better in blue-based shades such as navy, purple, and rose red. It may be that pale shades of these colors are better for you, or you may be able to wear the richer jewel tones, as long as you have a cool blue undertone.

If you answered ‘b’ to these questions, you have a warm skin tone. Earth tones are gorgeous on you, and you look great in browns, greens and orange-based reds. Gold jewelry works well on you, while silver just looks washed out.

If you are still unsure, it’s likely that have a neutral skin tone. You can wear a range of colors, though they may be more toward the center of the spectrum than the edges – tomato red rather than brick red, for example, or turquoise rather than baby blue. Both silver and gold may work for (lucky!) you.

Wasn’t that easy? Be sure to check back next week in our follow-up blog article on How to Find Your Mineral Foundation Part II: Colors & Shades.

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Kate OBrien


Kate OBrien

I wear light in bare minerals & I have olive skin tone.. Which foundation would work best for me?

Kate OBrien

[…] you haven’t read the first blog article on how to find your mineral foundation, start there. Once you have sorted out your skin tone, it’s just one more easy step to finding […]

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