3 for $30: Favorite Formulas Eyeshadow Collections

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What is your favorite formula of Alima Pure Eyeshadow?  Are you partial to the smooth and silky texture of the Satin Matte Eyeshadows? Is the subtle iridescence of the Pearluster Eyeshadows that keep you coming back?  Do you yearn for the soft sparkle of the Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadows?  Or have you not tried all of the formulas yet?  No matter your situation, the new 3 for $30 Eyeshadow collections are the perfect choice for you.  Indulge in some best-selling shades from your current Favorite Formula, or stretch yourself and try a can't-miss combination from a new formula!

The Matte Collection features Dawn, a pale, heathered pink; Cocoa, a soft, medium brown and Java, a deep, rich brown.  These lovely Satin Matte shadows are perfect for work or weekends; apply Dawn from crease to lashes, Cocoa on the lid, and Java in the crease and as a liner.  Create a more dramatic look by applying Dawn from lashes to brow, contouring the crease with Cocoa and adding Java as a liner, and swirled into the outer corner of the crease.

The Pearluster Collection is made up of Cassis, a soft, lilac pink; Quartz, a warm, medium grey and Zen, a deep, slightly iridescent grey.  For a casual look, apply Cassis from lashes to brow, Quartz in the crease and Zen in the outer corner and as a liner.  Create a smoky look by applying Cassis all over and contouring the crease with Quartz.  Line the upper lash line with Satin Matte Eyeliner in Black on a damp brush.  Then apply Zen above the black, extending the lash line, and blending up towards the crease.  Line the lower lash line with Zen.

The Shimmer Collection contains Soleil, a rich gold; Palomino, a medium, golden brown and Sphinx, a mysterious deep brown.  These beautiful basics can be worn in just about any situation; apply Soleil from lashes to brow with a fluffy brush like the #37 Eye Blending Brush.  Apply Palomino in the crease and line with Sphinx.  But when you really want to light up a room, apply Soleil from crease to brow, then apply Palomino on the lid and to the crease with a lightly dampened brush.  Contour the crease with Sphinx, line the upper lashes with Black liner and line the lower lashes with Soleil on a damp brush, and you have show-stopping golden glamour!

The 3 for $30 Eyeshadow collections are available for a limited time only.

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