Extend Your Glow with Bronzer and Shimmer Powder Duos

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Extend Your Glow As summer comes to a close many people find that leaves aren’t the only thing changing color.  That slight golden glow that you may have built up with careful sun exposure is probably beginning to fade, leaving you feeling a bit pale.  Now you can Extend Your Glow with Alima Pure’s three new Bronzer/Shimmer Powder duos, available for a limited time only.   These duos include one matte Bronzer (pick the shade that is right for your skin), and a Luminous Shimmer Powder in a shade selected to work with your Bronzer to warm your complexion and give you a subtle sheen when you so desire.

Maracaibo Bronzer, our bronzer for the fairest of skins, is paired with Nectar Luminous Shimmer Powder.  This pairing is perfect for you if your skin tone is similar to that of Nicole Kidman or Carey Mulligan, or in other words, if most bronzers are too dark for you.

Mauna Loa Bronzer, ideal for light to medium skins, couples with the peachy-beige Sorbet Luminous Shimmer Powder.  This combination would work best for those with skin that falls somewhere between Emma Watson and Courtney Cox.

Trinidad, our deepest matte Bronzer, is paired with bronzy Café Luminous Shimmer Powder.  This combination for medium to deep skin works beautifully if your skin falls somewhere in the Jennifer Lopez-to-Beyonce range.

To wear your duo, deepen your natural color with your Bronzer as you would normally.  Then intensify your glow with a light touch of Shimmer Powder along the high planes of your face.  For a more contoured, evening look, use Bronzer only to create hollows (beneath your cheekbone, along the sides of the nose, just under the jaw), and then apply your Shimmer Powder to the areas you want to emphasize and bring forward.

If you are in the mood for a shimmer bronzer, you can simply combine some of your matte bronzer with some Luminous Shimmer Powder.  The best thing about doing this is that you can control the level of shimmer, giving you the freedom to have a slightly shimmery bronzer one day, and a slightly bronzed shimmer powder the next day.

Do you have a weekend getaway planned for this fall, and want to pack light?  Your Bronzer and Shimmer Powder Duo can double as your shadow palette!  Apply your shimmer powder from lashes to brow with a large, fluffy brush like the #37 Eye Blending Brush.  Then contour your crease and outer corner with your Bronzer on the #36 Pointed Crease Brush.  Add liner and mascara and you’re ready to go.

Since September weather can still be beautiful and warm, you may also find that you want to add a bit of color to your arms or legs.  Mix some of your bronzer, with or without a little shimmer powder, with your body lotion and apply it to your legs and arms.

Our Extend Your Summer Glow duos are available through September 24.

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