How to Choose an Eyeliner Brush

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If you are thinking of trying an Alima Pure brush for your mineral eyeliner, you've probably noticed, we have two different versions.  The #31 Fine Liner Brush is a pointed shape (and also excellent for spot concealing), while the #33 Angle Liner Brush (which is also great for filling in brows) is flat and angled.  So how does one decide between the two?

Think about how you like to apply your eyeliner.  Do you "sketch" it on with a back and forth motion?  Do you favor pencils to liquids and gels because you can use this back and forth motion more easily?  Then the #31 brush is the one for you.

If you tend to "draw" on your eyeliner in a long, sweeping motion, and sometimes wear liquids or gels because you can get such a precise line with this type of motion, you will probably prefer the #33 brush.

With either brush, you can use your eyeliner wet or dry.  If you prefer to use the eyeliner dry, be sure that you load the brush with color and then tap the bristles into the lid of the jar to work the color into the brush.  This will help avoid dark sprinkles on your cheeks.

#33 Angle Liner Brush To use the liners wet, you can either follow the procedure above, but then lightly spritz the bristles of your brush with water just before you apply the color to your eye; or you can tap a bit of the liner into a small dish or the lid of the jar and add a few drops of water.  Mix until you reach the consistency that seems right for you, then test a little on the back of your hand to see if you need to add more powder for more intense color.  Load up your brush, and if you are using the #33 and wanting a very precise line, you may want to wipe excess off of the sides of the brush before applying.

Because Alima Pure's brushes are all made with cruelty-free taklon bristles, they are easy to wash and quick to dry, so you can start the next day with a clean brush.  When you are finished applying your liner, just run the bristles under water, dab them in a bit of soap (whatever you have handy is fine) and then rinse well.  Lay the brush flat to dry with the bristles sticking off the edge of the cabinet and it will be ready to use again before you know it.

Using Alima Pure Eyeliner is as easy as any other liner, once you get the hang of it.  Choosing the right brush for your application style will help you get started on the right foot. With a little practice, you'll be applying your eyeliner like a pro!

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