Alima Pure Staff Favorite: Pearluster Eyeshadow

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This week, Alima Pure staffer Amanda selected Pearluster Eyeshadow in Mocha as her Staff Favorite. "I like the Pearlusters best because I like shimmer, but I also like intense color that really shows up," Amanda said. That statement made us wonder, do people who don't work with our eyeshadows every day know what she means by that? Let us explain!


Mocha Pearluster Eyeshadow


When discussing the color intensity of the different eyeshadow formulas, it is helpful to keep in mind that our eyeshadows are free of binders and dyes, two things that affect the color of conventional eyeshadows.  With our pure mineral eyeshadow, the things that determine color intensity are the actual color of the pigment, and the particle size of the shimmer. The larger the shimmer particle, the more sheer the resulting shadow will be.  (Of course, you can always wet the eyeshadow to intensify the color, but we are referring the dry eyeshadow in this case.)  Because Pearlusters have the smallest shimmer particles, they pack the most intense color pay-off, as well as the least shimmery effect.

Alima Pure's Pearluster Eyeshadows have a very subtle shimmer that can be described as pearlescent, hence the name Pearluster.  Their subtle sheen makes them appropriate for even the most conservative workplaces, but mean that you can combine them with a more "blingy" shimmer to create a perfect casual or evening look.  To create an understated look with Amanda's favorite Mocha and other Pearlusters, use Silk or Champagne as a base, applying from lashes to brows.  Use Taupe on the lid, and contour your crease with Mocha.  Line with your favorite Satin Matte Eyeliner, and you've got the perfect subtle shimmery look that can take you anywhere!

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