Alima Pure Store Profile: Green Tree Boutique

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Growing up in Laguna Beach, Liz Dick dreamed of someday having her own boutique in her hometown.  In April, her dream came true, and Green Tree Boutique opened its doors to eco-conscious shoppers, and welcomes shoppers of the four-legged variety as well.  (Green Tree celebrates "Yappy Hour" once a month, encouraging customers to bring their canine best-friends for treats and fun.)

Can you tell us a little about your background and past experience?
As a corporate event planner and a brand manager for a hospitality firm, I understood the value of building a brand and promoting it through events. I wanted to meld my experience with my passion for sustainability and my dream to own my own boutique in my hometown of Laguna Beach.

What inspired you to open your shop?
As a mother, I wanted the convenience of a one-stop eco-shop where I could buy products for myself and my family. I didn’t want to have to cross-shop multiple stores and websites. When I moved back to my hometown of Laguna Beach I decided it would be the perfect spot to open my Eco-Chic boutique and share it with other like-minded mommies.

What other brands do you carry?
At Green Tree Boutique we carry Klean Kanteen, Kids Konserve, BabyBearShop, Kate Quinn Organics, Rahua, Bambu, To-Go-Ware, Tata Harper and of course, Alima Pure.

Why did you decide to carry Alima Pure?
We decided Alima Pure would be a perfect fit for our store because both the product and the brand supported our mission to carry only products that meet the highest ethical and environmental standards.

What do people love about your shop?
People love the feel of our store – it is rustic, beachy and inviting. Once they realize that everything in the store is both stylish AND environmentally friendly, they get very excited.

How do you define beauty?
Happiness is beauty. Beauty is all about a feeling—feeling beautiful, being happy with who you are and knowing that there is no definitive definition for beauty that you need to hold yourself or others to.

What are other little ‘don’t miss’ gems in your neighborhood?
Green Tree Boutique is located in the Hip District of Laguna Beach. It is in South Laguna and there are lots of unique and amazing stores to check out! When you visit, have lunch at Active Culture or Sapphire – stop by Green Tree Boutique, Lala, Jack and Thomas, Laguna Surf and Sport and SUP. Once you’re done shopping, make sure to stash your shopping bags in your car and take a walk on the beach to catch the sunset!

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