Artist Essentials: Brush set to bring out your inner artist

Posted on June 26, 2012 by Alyson Hancock | 0 Comments

If you have been using Alima Pure for a while, you may have already picked up a few of our brushes. Using them illustrates that the correct tool for the job really does make all the difference. So now, start thinking like an artist! Fine-tune your application skills with our new brush set, the Artist Essentials.

The Artist Essentials were selected to complete the tool kit of those who already own basic brushes, but want to try tools that give them more options. Each of these brushes is expert at a type of application (sheer or full coverage) and can be used for several different products.

The #15 Flat Top Brush is perfect for those who desire heavier foundation coverage. With more defined edges than the #25 Foundation Brush, it works beautifully around the lips and nose; and the densely packed bristles function almost like a flocked sponge to deliver product to larger areas. This handy brush is also perfect for heavier application of Color Balancing Powders and Balancing Primer Powders.

The #23 Kitten Brush opens new color horizons to everyone! Are you fair-skinned, but love vibrant blushes or deep, rich bronzers? Are you at a point where you feel you should leave behind shimmer blushes, but still feel drawn to them? The Kitten allows you to apply roughly half as much product as a regular blush brush, but then has full-powered blending capability, erasing every line of demarcation. The Kitten also applies Satin Finishing Powder with such a light touch that it won’t disturb anything below it.

The #36 Pointed Crease Brush may not seem like a multi-tasking brush, but isn’t just for the crease! #36 has dense bristles, and that makes it perfect for laying down a lot of color. Our makeup artists love to use the #36 for intense color on the lid. And of course, it is genius at applying and blending crease color.

The #37 Eye Blending Brush eliminates harsh lines like a professional, but did you know that its looser, fluffier bristles also take all the harshness out from high-shimmer eye colors? If you are afraid of wearing a high shimmer eyeshadow, try applying it with the #37. Pick up some color, work it well into the bristles and sweep on; the shimmer is magically softer and more wearable. Even better, if you want a little extra foundation coverage in your under-eye area, this brush can deliver it without leaving you looking cakey or overdone. In fact, while you’re applying foundation with your #37, brush some on your lid as well, for an excellent shadow primer.

These four brushes will help you elevate your artistry skills, and at a great savings! Individually, these four brushes would cost $78, but the set is your for only $52, and comes in our signature Alima Pure cosmetics pouch.

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