About Makeup and Daughters - Part 3

Posted on September 21, 2011 by terresa | 3 Comments

In the first two posts we did an every day look that is appropriate for anyone who wants a very simple look for daytime. But now let's get a little more bold and do a look for a date night or prom.

As the mother of a teenage daughter who has minimal interest in cosmetics, semi-formal dances are the one of the only times where my skills are requested.

For this look, we again applied Natalie's Beige 3 Satin Matte Foundation, but we went a bit stronger on the blush, using Satin Matte Blush in Pink just from the apples of the cheeks and back towards her hairline.

Eyes are the feature that most people choose to play up for a more dramatic look, and we did as well, going for a smoky look. We applied Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow in Lana all over the eye area, from lashes to brows. On the lids, from lashes to above the crease, we used Pearluster shadow Zen, and then right along the lash-line, we applied Luminous Shimmer Eyeliner in Koan with the #36 Pointed Crease Brush. (It's densely packed bristles make it perfect for laying down a lot of color.) This blended up into the Zen, creating almost an ombre effect. Then with the #33 Angle Liner brush dampened with water, we applied Satin Matte Eyeliner in Black along the upper and lower lash line.

To finish off the look, we used the #23 Kitten Brush to apply a light dusting of Luminous Shimmer Powder in Dolce along Natalie's cheekbones, across her forehead and lightly down the center of her nose and chin. If she were dressed in a dress that showed off her shoulders or decollete, we would brush some on any exposed skin as well. Organic Nourishing Lip Balm in Sweet Pea went on Natalie's lips, and would tuck into her bag with her cell phone and ID as she headed out the door for a night to remember!

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September 24, 2011

hey alima! I love the looks you do that allows readers to see how products are being used. it would be so lovely, though, if the pictures could come in a higher resolution! so that extreme zoom can happen. c: is that at all possible?


September 27, 2011

Hi Rosanne,
We don’t generally use hi-res. images online as they can be quite slow to load, for those without a fast internet connection. I think we may be able to have clickable, enlarged images, however. We’ll see what we can do. Thanks for visiting!


March 20, 2012

I really like this look! It really is young and fresh feeling, but you can tell it’s also a little special. Thanks for sharing tips and showing realistic makeup for teenage young ladies. I like that a lot!

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