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Posted on May 23, 2011 by terresa | 3 Comments

If your introduction to mineral cosmetics came from infomercials, you are probably used to applying your foundation by "swirling" the brush, "tapping" the excess off and "buffing" the product into the skin. While this method works, it isn't quite the way we suggest you apply your Alima Pure.

First, the brush photo at the top of this post shows approximately the amount of foundation we recommend you start with. But wait! Don't put that on your face yet. Now's the time to use that "tapping" motion, but don't use it to tap off the excess, use it to work the color up into the bristles of the brush. You can do this in the jar lid, in the palm of your hand or in a small dish. The goal is to get your brush to look similar to this second picture. Then you're set!

Now brush the foundation lightly onto the skin with a downward motion. Buffing isn't necessary! The amount on your brush (if you approximated our photos) is enough to do at least half of your face, perhaps even the full face, with one layer. For more coverage, simply repeat the process, putting more foundation only on the parts of your face where you feel you need more coverage. Usually, you can apply three layers with no issues, but if you feel it is looking heavy, spritz your face with water between the layers and allow the water to air dry before the next layer.

Applying your foundation in sheer layers will mean that it will look more natural and provide great wear. It also means that you can vary your coverage. Most people need heavier coverage across their nose and cheeks, with not so much needed on the forehead, chin, and outer parts of the face. With this method, just apply your first layer in all of these areas, and add subsequent layers only where you want the coverage.

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May 03, 2012

These instructions need to replace the ones on the foundation 101. I’ve been trying to get my Alima foundation to work via the instructions on the 101 page for the past 3 years with no success. It always looked patchy and uneven no matter what brush I used or how much or how little. I found these instructions last night and lo and behold my foundation looked amazing after I applied it! So I think it would benefit customers to re write the foundation 101 page with the instructions from this blog entry.



May 23, 2011

Yeah!!! Thanks for the info! I have been doing the swirl, tap, buff…ooppss!
I will try this method when I put on my Alima Pure later tonight:)


May 25, 2011

Cool! Thanks for the info!! I was doing it the other way, too. I’ll give this a try tomorrow morning :)

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