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We're delighted to introduce Jean Knight from White Rabbit Beauty, one of Alima Pure's Online retail partners. White Rabbit Beauty carries a full line of natural cosmetics and skin care products, and is based in lovely Half Moon Bay, California. They primarily offer online sales, but occasionally devoted clients drop by for coffee.

1. What inspired you to start White Rabbit Beauty?
A small battered red tabby in Plano, Texas. I brought him home, named him Plano, and he’s doing great now, but that was a tipping point for me. It forced me to confront animal cruelty head-on. As part of that, I wanted to buy only cruelty-free products, but finding true cruelty-free products was difficult. In talking with other women, I discovered we all preferred to buy cruelty free, but we wanted good products, too. White Rabbit Beauty was born to showcase great cruelty-free products.

2. Please tell us about your background & past experiences?
I’m an environmental engineer with a water resources specialty and worked for many years on hazardous waste cleanups. Like many people living near Silicon Valley, I jumped to the computer industry during the Internet boom, working for startups in almost every conceivable capacity. White Rabbit is now my third career. At first glance, people say “Huh!?” But there is a common thread: all have been challenging and rewarding. And the environmental work has been very relevant to White Rabbit Beauty, particularly in evaluating conflicting claims about ingredients. Some issues are clear-cut, but most are not, and my chemistry and toxicology knowledge has definitely informed my decisions about ingredients. My environmental work also taught me that once people fear something, you rarely can reverse that fear, even if there is no basis for the fear. That is why the rampant misinformation on the Internet is so distressing; the fear it generates is almost certainly more damaging to health than any ingredient is.

3. How do you define beauty?
Something that stirs someone’s heart.

4. What do people love about your website?
That it helps them voice their concern about animals. Many blogs and makeup forums also comment on the personal customer service at White Rabbit. We really do strive to give personal attention to every order, and customers appreciate that.

5. Do you have any favorite anecdotes?
The bunny got a save at the Winter Olympics. One of White Rabbit’s long-time customers is a sportscaster for NBC. She arrived at the Vancouver Olympics only to find that her makeup didn’t make it intact. White Rabbit express-shipped her makeup in time for her to go on air. The Half Moon Bay post office (the hub here for USPS and FedEx) was buzzing. Everyone was so excited to be even a small part of the Olympics!

6. What are the other 'don't miss' gems in your neighborhood?
Half Moon Bay is an historic small town on the California coast, known throughout the San Francisco area for its beautiful nurseries, cut flower farms, art studios, beaches, and above all, pumpkins. White Rabbit is on Main street, where you will find fabulous restaurants and feed and supply stores side by side. It's not unusual to see people riding horses down the street. Just strolling this eclectic mix is a treat. Halfway down Main Street, don't miss Moonside Bakery for delicious pastries and, if you’re lucky, freshly made chocolate truffles. If you splurge too much, you can walk off those extra calories along one of the nearly continuous city and state beaches stretching along Half Moon Bay or in the redwoods of Purisima Creek Redwoods Preserve.

7. Anything else you'd like to share?
A nationwide campaign to pledge to buy only cruelty-free products is under way, sponsored by the organization that certifies brands as cruelty free. This organization is the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program, and you can get more information about signing the pledge at their website. Taking the pledge will help swell the collective voices concerned about animal testing in cosmetics.

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February 07, 2011

Hi Maria,

We’re so sorry! Our tech team is working on adding Norway (and Finland!) but apparently it is a little more complicated than we imagined. In the mean time, we’re very happy to accept orders from the countries which are not listed on our drop down menu. If you send an email to we’ll get your order to you. Many apologies for the inconvenience!


February 05, 2011

I just got one question, Don`t you ship to Norway anymore? I were going to order from you when I didn`t find Norway on the list! Why???:(

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