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Posted on November 15, 2010 by Alyson Hancock | 0 Comments

This week we're delighted to introduce the very lovely Blink, a gorgeous salon that won the 2010 "Best of the Cities" award from Minnesota Monthly.

What inspired you to start your business?

The ability to create a space where we can share our love, expertise and the things that we find beautiful and inspiring to us and our clients.  We have been touched by moments and people in our life that have played a large part in inspiring us to create and give... our everyday work is only a part of a much larger intention.

What is your background?

We have been in the esthetics and fashion industry for 12 years.  We pride ourselves in being seekers of what is new as well as what has stood the test of time.  We have come full circle experiencing various positions in retail, services, leadership and education that has given us the balance of understanding each element involved in our business.

How do you define beauty?

Beauty should never be put in a box.  It is always individual.  It is always inspired by what moves us, what we are passionate about and where our steps in life have taken us thus far.  One of the most beautiful things to me are the laugh lines on the face of my grandma.  She earned each one of them.  She laughed and sang out loud and it was the most beautiful thing!  Beauty is simple.  But to see it on the outside... you must feel it from within.

What do people love about Blink?

Our clients love the design for sure.  We are urban, but made sure that the feminine was represented with color and soft angles.  But, the greatest comment is when anyone visits our space and tells us that they feel so 'comfortable' at Blink.  We designed the space using the principals of Feng Shui to create a flow and inspire relaxation.  From our feedback I think we achieved this.  They also love the privacy and boutique experience... it's been called "upscale but human".

What are the other 'don't miss' gems in your neighborhood?

A 'don't miss' gem in the North Loop is 112 eatery.  It small, it's cozy, the service is on point, the food is amazing and the wine in incredible.  We also love Bar la Grassa, amazing food, great people... amazing food!  Martin Patrick is a great men's boutique... super chic, urban, tailored... one of my favorite places to shop for the men in my life

700 Washington Ave. N., Loft 215
Minneapolis, MN 55401

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