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Brown-eyed girls may not consider themselves especially lucky, but when it comes to selecting eyeshadows, they most certainly are.  There are almost no shadow colors that brown eyes can't wear, and if you have brown eyes and feel that there is a color that looks really horrible on you, it probably has more to do with your skin-tone or even hair color than your actual eye color.  Greys are probably the hardest shades for brown-eyed girls to wear, but even with those, by searching for a warm grey rather than a cool grey, that can be overcome.  Still, there are a few tried-and-true color combinations that are guaranteed to look fabulous with almost all brown eyes.

1.  Listen to the experts.  Nearly everyone agrees that brown eyes look lovely in shades of brown, bronze and gold.

How to wear it:

Apply a wash of Champagne Pearluster, Fleur Satin Matte or Venus Luminous Shimmer shadow from lashes to brow.

Sweep Cocoa Satin Matte, Tigereye Luminous Shimmer or Cappuccino Pearluster into the crease and on the outer 1/3 of the lid.

Swirl some Mocha Pearluster, Martinique Luminous Shimmer or Java Satin Matte into the outer corner and outer part of the crease.  If you want to create a smoky eye, use Mahogany Satin Matte along the lash-line, fading into the other shades.

Line with Espresso Satin Matte or Paparazzi Luminous Shimmer liner.

2.  Be passionate about purple, especially if your brown eyes have a lot of green in them.

How to wear it:

Apply Hellebore or Lana Luminous Shimmer or Camellia Satin Matte to the brow area.

Cover the lid with Amethyst Pearluster or Bramble Satin Matte.

Sweep Aubergine Luminous Shimmer or Lilac Satin Matte into the crease.

Line with Black Cherry or Carnevale Luminous Shimmer Liner.

3.  Go Green!  Green shades look especially lovely with very dark brown eyes.

Highlight the brow with Vanilla Satin Matte or Buttercream Luminous Shimmer.

Apply Eden or Moss Luminous Shimmer to the lid.

Accent the crease with Juniper Satin Matte.

Line with Denali Satin Matte Eyeliner.

4.  Even blues work for most brown eyes.  Try it out first to be sure that you're finding the right shade of blue for your skintone.

How to wear it:

For a youthful look on warm-toned skin, apply Oceana Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow from lashes towards brow, fading towards the brow.

Line with Nightingale Satin Matte Eyeliner.

For cooler skins or a more sophisticated look, apply a wash of Leone Luminous Shimmer from lashes to brow.

Line with Navy Luminous Shimmer shadow.

Above all, have fun experimenting to find the shades that work best for you.  It's only makeup, it will wash right off!

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Todra Payne
Todra Payne

September 23, 2010

Great tips. I tell brown eyed girls (like myself) that our eye color isn’t a curse. We CAN wear almost any eye shadow shade. Even a song was made about us :-)

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