Alima Pure’s Summer Beachcomber Collection

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(with apologies to residents of oil-spill affected beaches)
Envision a warm beach, the wind gently whipping your hair and the frothy water lapping at your toes.  The colors are soft and muted, tumbled by the wind and water, but shimmering in the sun.  A treasure-trove of treats from the sea can be found at your feet, in a gorgeous array of shades:

  • Sand Dollar – a sandy pink shimmer
  • Sea Star – warm golden shimmer
  • Beach Glass – softly faded blue-green shimmer
  • Agate – rich copper brown sparkle

Day-at-the-Beach Look

  • Sweep Sea Star from lashes to just above the crease, then gently fade up to brows.
  • Apply a smudged line of Agate along the lashes.
  • Warm the complexion with the appropriate bronzer for your complexion, then  accent apples of cheeks with Pink Satin Matte Blush.
  • Apply Mango Lip Balm and head outdoors!

Night-at-the-Resort Look

  • Apply Sand Dollar from lashes to brows.
  • Apply Beach Glass to the lid, using a damp brush if you desire a more intense look. Emphasize crease and outer corner with Agate, then line upper lashes with Agate using a damp brush.
  • Line lower lashes with a smuded line of Sea Star.
  • Apply Carnation Blush to apples of cheeks, blending back towards ears.
  • Highlight cheekbones and collar bones with Dolce Luminous Shimmer Powder.
  • Apply Holly Berry Lip Balm, blot and re-apply.
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August 05, 2010

Hello Lesley,

The colors are similar, and may look different on different skin tones, but the description is as we intended. The suggested use should be fine, but we would encourage you to experiment with the shades, you may find a look that’s much more fun than ours! Best of luck!


July 14, 2010

Got the collection and it’s gorgeous, but looks as if 2 of the color names are switched on the blog and on the collections page. The gold color is Sand Dollar and the sandy pink is the Sea Star.

So now I am wondering, are they switched on the suggestions above too? Would look lovely either way, I suppose, but would like to know before I try the suggested looks. Thanks!

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