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Posted on December 09, 2009 by kate | 4 Comments

Time are tough; everyone seems to be pinching their pennies these days. But we still need to enjoy ourselves. Despite the current financial climate and a shared awareness of the need to act wisely with our resources, we can still manage to have fun and find economical ways to indulge our fancies.

In the spirit of fun, here are a few of Alima's favorite affordable indulgences. (A special thanks to my smart and creative co-worker, Tracy, for her great ideas.)

  • Spark your imagination with a trip to Powell's Bookstore online ( What you will find: eclectic magazines, used copies of Oprah's current pick, or perhaps an ornately scripted, first copy edition of your favorite book. Powell's Books is one of the largest, privately owned bookstores in the world, with a huge online presence. This site contains it all.
  • Raise your spirits with music over the Internet. Sites like:,,,  or, offer listeners free access to music of all kinds. Whether you love Susan Boyle, Michael Buble, Mozart, George Winston, or Black Eyed Peas, the Internet will connect you to the source of your passion. Listen to your heart's content; even better, dance around your living room at the same time.
  • Soothe your senses with a bubble bath. Hot, steamy water is soothing to achy muscles and heavy, fretful minds, while bubbles add a feeling of playful luxury. Fresh floral bath scents are perfect for summer while cinnamon, coconut and almond are cozy and comforting in colder months. Turn off the lights, light a candle, and add Epsom Salt for increased muscle relaxation.

We'd love to know: what are some of your favorite affordable indulgences?


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4 Responses


March 09, 2010

I am in love with this makeup and how inexpensive it is and how much better it is than the expensive stuff i just bought at macys! bare minerals?? never again!! i am still trying the samples and just ordered about 10 more!! they are awesome and i am sooo glad i found them (by accident). It even looks way better on my skin than the bare minerals! It’s amazing. I wanna share it with the world!!


December 09, 2009

My favorite scents are Kenneth Cole’s T-shirt cologne and Marc Jacobs’ Daisy. They are both really fresh and innocent and that is what I look for.


December 10, 2009

They sound lovely Rena! Thank you, Kate


December 19, 2009

Hmm… I think I have three! First, I love the Farmer’s Market that’s about 2 miles from my house. All of their luscious produce is locally grown and organic, and there is always a farmer around to chat with.

Second… I totally indulge my inner geek by playing one of those online multiplayer roleplaying games. I wear a headset and everything. SUPER GEEK! Don’t worry, I play a healer priestess. :o)

Third… the three free samples inside every Alima package! Alima is already affordable and has so many other things going for it – natural, green, small business – but I have to admit that my favorite part of getting an order is seeing the three shades that you all selected to go with what I ordered.

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